Fish Delish – a miracle of Croatian street food

When we talk about street food in Croatia, the first thing that comes to mind for both locals and guests of our country are probably kebabs, hamburgers and burek. What we as a coastal country definitely lack is bolI and a larger offer of quality of fish street food, that is, a departure from the fried kettle bells from the kiosk.

A young entrepreneur from Murter Stefano Petrović he saw what kind of offer was missing on the market, so he came up with an original fish concept street food - Fish Delish. The mission of this brand is to prepare and combine fish products with side dishes and sauces of its own recipe, in an original and different way and thereby change the perception street food in Croatia.

Fish Delish is a modern and innovative concept street food of restaurants, which produce top-quality fish with a good price-quality ratio, makes it available to a wider circle of customers. The idea was simmering for several years, and in 2020 - despite the pandemic - Petrović opened the first Fish Delish at Murter.

Success was not absent. This was followed by the opening of another Fish Delisha in Vodice, and the year after that, the newly opened one also came to life successfully facility in Zagreb's Avenue Mall. Last summer, Fish Delish got i the first two franchise branches, in Makarska and Bolin Brač. Very soon, the company expects to make a big step into the foreign market - the opening of the first Fish Delish franchise restaurant in USA, in New Jersey.

The secret of Fish Delish's success lies in the excellent food they prepare and serve. The specialty of their menu is exclusively fish products, with sides and sauces of our own recipe - fish burgers and dogs, hot and cold sandwiches, pasta, salads, fish and fries and raw fish salary. Fish burgers are not ground or mixed with any additives, but clean fillets cut in different ways are used, all in order to preserve the full flavor of the fish. Each dish has an attractive appearance and has its own creative name.

All Fish Delish restaurants adhere to the rules and standards that form the basis of their business and the backbone of the brand - that fish is the basic food, that every dish is ready to eat without waste, cleaning and the like and that each dish is ready quickly, i.e. there is not much waiting from the moment of ordering.

They also insist that the dish is modern, innovative and different from the standard fish dishes seen so far.

Although it is about the success of the fish street food there was a lot of skepticism, Fish Delish established itself very quickly, and progressed quickly and well.

Stefano Petrović from the very beginning had a vision of creating a concept that would be arranged and standardized down to the last detail, and he believed that the fish story - which is very rare and not often seen - would find its place on the market.

And these days Fish Delish announced the opening of their own new branches in Rijeka, at the location of the famous cocktail bar Three Monkeys on Korzo itself, which expands the number of places where you can taste this miracle of Croatian street food.

Photos: Fish Delish


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