The fishing tradition gives Novigrad its charm and good taste

Novigrad has always been referred to as a small fishing village on the west coast of Istria which for more than half a century attracts guests from various countries. The specific charm of the city and its people, the preserved nature and kilometers of attractive beaches, as well as the gastronomic offer based on ingredients from the pure Adriatic Sea, are the trump cards of this Istrian place dedicated to the development and preservation of its values.

In the embrace of medieval walls, Novigrad is proud of its rich history, with crystal clear sea and kilometers of natural beaches, with promenades along the sea and in the shade of centuries-old pine trees, through groves, vineyards and olive groves, without crowds and stress. If you want a destination for relaxation, recharging your batteries and new experiences to recover your mind and body, Novigrad will provide all that after a gloomy and cold winter.

Novigrad for lovers of outdoor activities

Recreational fans activities in nature, and especially cycling, running and long walks, are happy to visit Novigrad. Everything is so close there that you can forget about the car until you get the desire to discover the beauty of other parts of the Istrian peninsula. This is why experiencing Novigrad and its surroundings on two wheels is a great idea. Several organized and marked bicycle paths pass through Novigrad, which reveal the natural attractions of the region. Northwestern Istria is a well-known bike destination, so you can easily visit nearby interesting small towns, such as Brtonigla, Grožnjan, Oprtlje or Motovun.

Novigrad and its surroundings are perfect for a relaxing vacation for the whole family. This peaceful Mediterranean town is actually distinguished by its epithet family tourism destinations so in Novigrad, almost everything is adapted to this - from accommodation to events and accompanying animation content. Thus, in the spring, various activities in nature are organized, such as guided walking and cycling tours, longer and shorter trails that pass along the coast, vineyards and olive groves, and the trails are adapted specifically for families. One of such organized activities will take place in late May, guided cycling tour with a longer and shorter track, humanitarian in nature. In the middle of May, it will be interesting in the Mandrač harbor in Novigrad, where an attractive public weighing of the fish catch will take place as part of a competitive spearfishing tournament, and the organizers will also organize a real a small fishing festival along with an interesting competition in the preparation of brodet, and treat visitors to the event with fish specialties and local wine.

Park Food Fest

Many guests coordinate their vacation precisely with gastronomic events in Novigrad, and one of them this spring will be the May Park Food Fest, a street food festival where restaurateurs from the town and other parts of NW Istria offer guests delicious and interesting dishes made from seasonal ingredients and premium Istrian extra virgin olive oil, which go perfectly with wines and craft beers from local producers. In the perfect setting of the old port of Mandrač, next to the flourishing park named after Novigrad fishermen, during the two-day event that will take place 20. and 21. May, guests will have the opportunity to taste dishes that combine the Istrian sea and land.

Park Food Fest is a unique eno-gastronomic manifestation of northwestern Istria, which from noon until the evening hours will offer visitors more than 10 specialties with which they can experience new, different and unique tastes, and the street food offer will be combined with show cooking by restaurant chefs northwestern Istria. In a relaxed atmosphere and with guaranteed entertainment, modern and traditional Istrian dishes based on fish, seafood, meat and seasonal ingredients from the land of Istria will alternate on the plates for hours.

The hosts from Novigrad invite you to lunch, dinner or a curious gourmet treat where you can bring your partner, friends and even younger family members, as there is also a children's corner with fun and educational animation.

A gastronomic destination

This eno-gastronomic event and variations of the same concept it will also be held in the fall, and the experience of tempting flavors at events is the perfect prelude to getting to know the quality gastronomic offer more than 40 restaurants who operate in the area of ​​Novigrad. Caterers and chefs try to offer on their plates the flavors of the freshest fish and seafood from the Novigrad waters, appreciating seasonal foods and what is daily caught in the nets of hard-working Novigrad fishermen, such as scallops, squid, svoje (leaf), sea bass, sea bream and other fish.

For years, Novigrad has been working on highlighting the advantages of the region in which it is located in order to become a recognizable gastronomic destination, and they contribute to this the best extra-virgin olive oils local olive growers and top wines of Novigrad winemakers, who connoisseurs say stand out not only for their quality, but for their knowledge, courage and character, which, for example, can be felt in every glass of malvasia produced by an individual producer. Namely, both winemakers and olive growers win prestigious awards and recognitions for their work every year, and their tastings introduce guests to interesting stories that the palate and heart will remember for a long time.

Photo source: Tourist board of the city of Novigrad-Cittanova


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