For the Night of the Fortress, the Bakar Castle opens its chest of secrets

The last two days of April are reserved for Fortress Night, an event for which the idea originated in Šibenik and was joined by more than 40 cities in three states. Among them is the City of Bakar, whose impressive castle joined the celebration of this year's event, which is being held. April 29 and 30 from 15 to 19 p.m.

Fortress Night is the first cultural and tourist annual event which will be held on the determined monuments of cultural heritage (fortresses, forts, castles na) in Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina - three countries covered by the Interreg IPA CBC HR-BA-ME.

The city of Bakar with its tourist community gladly responded to the invitation and joined this praiseworthy event, and in Bakar it is an opportunity to remember the tragic anniversary the Frankopan and Zrinski families, former rulers of Bakar.

Today, the premises of the Bakar Castle are empty, and extensive and long-term restoration works and research are underway. But nothing can stop the thick walls from whispering old memories. It's a word about an incredibly well-preserved fort on three floors with 33 rooms and even 4 kitchens that tickle our imagination and take us back centuries to the time of the great. We can only imagine their splendor, even decadence, in today's peaceful coastal town. Well then, let’s use our imagination and get lost in the corridors of Copper’s past!

Bakar Castle will show all its layers through interesting programs provided for the curious by the Tourist Board of the City of Bakar.

The first day of the event, on Friday, April 29th, there will be two tours "Castle through the ages" under the guidance of a passionate researcher of the rich copper history of Bora Štrbac. The tours start at 16 pm and 18 pm in front of Kaštela.

Second day, on Saturday, April 30th there will be a playful exploration of the castle called "The Dark Secrets of the Frankopans". The playful tour will be led by Iva Silla in the role of an antiques detective. Book your place and help her discover strange curiosities and historical rumors about the Frankopan family by solving puzzles and exploring one historical story or secret in each room of the castle. The tour starts at 16 and 18 pm in front of the Banski vrata. This is also the first stage in the development of a gamified tour that will be part of the permanent exhibition of the Bakar Castle in the future.

The sounds of the past will resound through the castle on Saturday aristocratic dances performed by “Royal Copper” from the La Bamba Association starting at 17 p.m.

The Bakar Castle is part of the Frankopan Routes route and is a small one interpretation center. The center will be open to visitors throughout the program. All programs organized by the Tourist Board of the City of Bakar in the Night of the Fortress are Besplatne, but the number of participants in the gamified tours is limited and therefore necessary APPLY.

Programs of other cities that joined the Fortress Night event can be found at links.

Source: photo: Bakar Tourist Board


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