Forest honey, the sweetest ambassador of Gorski kotar

Second edition of the event Medun Fest was held in the settlement of Lich in the municipality of Fužine, and many visitors enjoyed the rich and attractive festival program and a series of tastings organized by the Tourism Office of the Municipality of Fužine.

Medun is far away the healthiest type of food to revitalize the body, said beekeeper Branko Vidmar. It contains as much as 12 times more minerals than nectar honey, among other things, it is rich in folic acid and is nutritionally valuable in the diet of pregnant women. It contains a combination of sugars that is unique in nature. Sensory, organoleptic, it has a specific taste, and its main characteristic is that it is less sweet and thicker than nectar honeys.

This year's gastro surprise Medun Fest is an innovative salty dish, Kare boar with Gorski kotar honey. It was designed by chef Dino Galvango, and the recipe remains a secret. But we learned the basics, namely, kare boar is marinated in spruce needles and forest honeydew. It was prepared as a roast beef, medium baked with an excellent selection of side dishes that rounded off this unique savory dish based on Gorski Kotar forest honey.

Everyone who wants to taste this gastronomic sensation of attractively balanced flavors can do so exclusively at the Hotel Bitoraj in Fužine. Visitors were refreshed with the first Gorski Kotar forest honey ice cream. It was designed for last year's Medun Fest by chef Galvango and Marko Stojević, a famous Croatian pastry chef. It can be freely concluded that boar curry and honey ice cream and even the first recipes in the world were prepared on the basis of this autochthonous Gorski Kotar product, which adds a dose of mysticism and culinary authenticity.

The benefits of honey are numerous, and given the healing properties and culinary attractiveness, this sweetest ambassador of Gorski Kotar certainly takes visitors on a revitalizing and mysterious sensory journey and is also a unique gift from the Gorski Kotar region and Mother Nature.

At Medun Fest, visitors had the opportunity to try the first nourishing face mask based on forest honey. They could enjoy and in a series of tastings of Gorski Kotar family products, such as mead, vinegar based on forest honey, honey bread… They also participated in workshops and in the mountaineering climb to Preradovićev vrh, which offers a magnificent view of the ironworks area and Lake Bajer.

Photos: Municipality of Fužine


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