Get to know the Drava story through an interactive quiz

Do you know which animal is a natural barometer, how many fingers an otter has, where it springs and in which river the Drava flows? These are just some of the questions of the famous quiz master Morana Zibar, which will intrigue you in an interesting and interactive way. present the Drava story, a project from Noskovac in Virovitica-Podravina County.

If you answer all ten questions correctly you win free welcome drink in the Visitor Center on the banks of the Drava, which in the 19th century was the summer residence of Count Drašković.

Today, the Drava story is an unavoidable destination in an attractive one The noble route of Slavonia and Podravina. Educational trails, fragrant garden, owl-shaped labyrinth, stork recovery center, insect hotel, bio-research station, bird choir, hostel with 34 beds, themed spaces, multimedia facilities, cycling, canoeing, walking along the Drava … - a great choice for lovers of nature, healthy living, adventure and recreation.

But before coming to the Drava Story Visitor Center, don't forget solve the quiz which is located on the website, but also on the social networks of the Visitor Center. Then confirm your knowledge live: experience a garden of fragrant experiences, walk through an owl-shaped maze, visit a bio-research station, explore the area by bike and canoe. The Drava story hides a whole range of diverse experiences and programs.

This corner of paradise of exceptional biodiversity and preserved natural heritage is in the area of ​​the recently declared pentalateral Mura-Drava-Danube Biosphere Reserve, under the protection of UNESCO, which covers almost a million hectares and has more than 700 kilometers of rivers.


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