Golden Slavonia - not everything is flat in Slavonia

Golden Slavonia it is an ideal place for all lovers of active holidays, either on a bicycle or on foot in one of the five mountains and mountains that surround Požega-Slavonia County. Natural beauty, clean air, but also numerous facilities will not leave anyone indifferent.

Apart from the fact that nature is especially beautiful in this part of Croatia, the Tourist Board of Požega-Slavonia County has been continuously implementing activities and investing in the development of cycling tourism since 2017. Požega-Slavonia County abounds in the beauty of untouched nature, the hospitality of the local population provides an unforgettable experience, and roads and paths for cycling tourism are adapted for recreational and professional cyclists.

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It is interesting how this terrain provides a ride on the plains, hills, wooded areas, depending on the physical condition of each individual and his wishes and needs with regard to the area he wants to get to know. Cycling tourism in this area is complemented and combined with other tourist offers.

Požega-Slavonia bicycles hiking
Photo: Lookout Trouble is located at an altitude of 740 meters, in the central part of the Papuk Nature Park from which you can see the highest peak of Slavonia - Psunj (984 m). Also, the view from the lookout reaches the Bosnian mountains and the Hungarian Mecsek.

Papuk Nature Park, vineyards and wine roads, picnic areas, Lipik State Stud Farm, lookouts, lakes, city centers… are just some of the diverse facilities that will satisfy all tastes. It is up to you to sit on your bike and visit the many attractions that attract a large number of tourists every year.

Požega-Slavonia County is marked by unique attractions and sights, untouched nature, excellent gastronomy that nurtures traditional dishes with fine wines and authentic hospitality, it is perfect for exploring on two wheels.

Požega-Slavonia bicycles hiking
Photo: Siniša Uštulica, source: Croatian National Tourist Board

Bicycle routes of Golden Slavonia - something for everyone

The Požega-Slavonia County Tourist Board has prepared for you more than 30 bike routes. Among them are demanding for those who like a challenge and less demanding for those who optionally and with less effort want to enjoy the natural beauty and content.

In order to get to know this destination more easily by bicycle, the Tourist Board of Požega-Slavonia County has prepared for you free bike guide in which there were bike paths, but also numerous attractions, gastronomic offer, wine story, and suggestions on what to visit and where to sleep while staying in the area.

A paradise for hikers

Psunj, Papuk, Krndija, Požeška gora and Dilj gora are parts of a mountain range on whose slopes, at the foot and around them, there are bicycle paths.

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But did you know that out of about 150 hiking trails in Croatia, with more than 300 kilometers, it is the longest and oldest Slavonian hiking trail. More experienced mountaineers know it well, because it is not easy at all.

Since 1957, when it opened, only a dozen hikers passed it at once, and it took them as long as nine days to undertake the venture. It used to start at the Londžica railway station, it led through Krndija and Papuk to Strmec on Psunj, it had about twenty checkpoints and was half as short as today's route.

But even today it is a challenge for the most experienced. In the new millennium, it changed its name to Pohod Slavonski planima, it is circular in shape, it connects the mountain lodges Omanovac above Pakrac and Petrov vrh above Daruvar. Out of a total of 35 checkpoints, you will need 31-point stamps for the mountaineering badge, and for that you will need five two-day excursions. Or do you still want to try at once?

In any case, you will enjoy the fresh air and beautiful nature. Believe me, there is no more beautiful and healthier experience of a destination than the one you experience while walking.

Photo source: Požega-Slavonia County Tourist Board

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