Grpašćak - a fortress with an unforgettable view

If you want to see all the fascinating beauty really well Telašćica Nature Park, climb the highest slope of the Adriatic. That's where you're going 161 meters above sea level find a lookout Grpašćak, from where the view of the natural phenomena of this paradise region - the bay Telascica, salt lake Mir i the cliffs of Long Island which rise up to 200 meters above sea level and descend to a depth of 90 meters. And located just above these famous cliffs - steep cliffs, as the people of Dugo Otok call this natural phenomenon on the south side of the island - is the fortress Grpašćak.

The original appearance of the fortress dates back to 1911, when it was built as a military fortress of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. It served as a signal station and a military observatory from which security at sea was monitored, especially on the Italian side. At that time, the Austro-Hungarian Royal Navy used all Austrian fortifications in the vicinity of Zadar to monitor and control the approach and prevent the penetration of the Italian Navy towards the Zadar enclave.

In good weather, it was then possible to transmit a message from Boka to Pula in half an hour, using only traffic lights - lights or flags. With the introduction of more modern means of communication such as telephone and radio communication, the meanings of such stations have changed. However, the fortifications remained in the function of observation posts and later, so they were used by the Royal Yugoslav Navy, Italians and Germans in World War II, and the Croatian Navy.

Thus, the Grpašćak Fortress was used as a military fortress for years, and during that time it was finished, extended and underwent reconstruction of internal buildings. It will soon be open in the fortress Interpretation and education center Grpašćak which will combine the functions of receiving and refreshing visitors, lookout, informing and selling souvenirs, interpretation and presentation of the magnificent natural and cultural values ​​of Telašćica, and education.

It will be a unique example of the conversion of a military fortification into a modern interpretive and educational center, located in a breathtaking location and surrounded by a unique peaceful bay and archipelago that will enchant every visitor.

And for those who want to know more: today Telašćica Nature Park marks the proud 34 years since its inception. We sincerely wish them many more birthdays!

Photo: PP Telašćica


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