Half marathon of 4 fortresses - a new sports and cultural event in Šibenik

The sports and cultural event takes place throughout the weekend, starting with the distribution of starting numbers and a concert by an exceptional music artist. Gibonnia on Friday, May 27, 2022 at the Fortress of St. Michael. 

The central daily event of the next day, Saturday, May 28, are children's races for the youngest, and the evening program is reserved for the concert popular TBF groups. To make Saturday even more relaxed and fun, the waterfront will also be held "Beer mile" - A popular race at 1.609,4 meters (miles) with beer drinking according to standard rules.

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The main event of the event is Sunday Half marathon 4 fortresses - International athletics race at 21.098 meters with start and finish on the Šibenik waterfront. The trail includes all four Šibenik fortresses, ie designed to connect all four fortresses. The end of the race, the ascent to the fortresses of Barone and St. Michael, is the most demanding part of the race. It's the start of the race at 9 a.m. Sunday, May 29, 2022. For all those who find the half marathon too much of a challenge or have different plans, the 5-kilometer race is intended. Šibenik waterfront and Pavle Šubić Square are ideal starting and ending points.

The idea is for the Half Marathon 4 of the Šibenik Fortress to come to life as regular annual event which will attract a large number of domestic and foreign guests to Šibenik, lovers of running and sports, and the citizens of Šibenik will provide additional content and refer them to sports activities.

All healthy competitors can perform and everyone runs at their own risk. By registering for the race, the competitor waives the possibility of transferring responsibility to the race organizer. This confirms his health and readiness to finish the race. The organizer provided medical care in accordance with the rules of road athletics races.

You can register for the race at links.

Cover photo: TB Visit Šibenik

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