Hidden bays and beaches in Novalja that take your breath away

Although it is best known for being ideal party destination, Novalja certainly has many other attractions to offer its visitors. Novalja has a long, turbulent and interesting past as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds at various sites in the city and its surroundings, and there you will find the most beautiful beaches on the coast.

If you go from Novalja to the north or south, east or west, you will come to one of these uniquely beautiful beaches which will provide you complete enjoyment. They are 1 to 3 km away from Novalja, forming around it a kind of ring. Since summer is knocking on our door, we suggest beaches in Novalja and its surroundings that you must visit…

The most famous beach is Zrce

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Zrce beach is located southeast of Novalja and it is a special story. Its coastal part is a spacious pebble surface on which it can stand in the peak season thousands of bathers. The entrance to the sea is pebbly, and due to the steep descent of the seabed, the beach is extremely deep. Various ones can be used on the beach sports-recreational and entertainment facilities, and a quality catering offer awaits you. In addition, several attractively decorated clubs provide the opportunity parties all night

With its exceptional natural features, equipment and facilities, Zrće beach meets the strict criteria of the European Foundation for Environmental Education, so since the summer of 2003 it has The blue flag. The beach is about 2 km away from Novalja, has a large parking lot, and during the tourist season with Novalja is connected by public transport.

Kindergarten beach in the center of Novalja

Vrtić Beach is a pebble-sandy beach in the center of Novalja, in front of the Liberty Hotel. The beach offers a beautiful view of the whole of Novalja.

The beach is decorated with bar and deck chairs which you can rent, is very popular among young people and often overcrowded because the mentioned party beach Zrće is nearby, although this beach may not be the first choice for families with children.

Attractive sandy beach Planjka (Trinćel)

The beach is located north of Novalja, along the southeast coast of the bay of Stara Novalja. It is covered with fine sand, it is warm, shallow and well decorated. It has a catering offer and various recreational facilities. Due to the excellent landscaping and conditions it has, the beach has boasted since the summer of 2004 Blue flag.

In the actions of the Croatian Tourist Board and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the media "Blue Flower" and "Tourist Flower", the beach was the winner of two awards - for the most beautiful and for the best-kept beach on the Adriatic. Unlike the previous one, we especially recommend this beach to families with children.

The shallowest and warmest beach in Novalja

A beach named Babe lies in a shallow bay west of Novalja. This is the shallowest and warmest of Novalja's beaches, with fine sand and a narrow coastal belt. In recent years, the beach has been enriched catering and recreational facilities.

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PS One part of the beach is intended for pets!

Hidden bay in Novalja - vacation away from the crowds

Palamida Beach is one in a series of hidden coves north of Novalja, on the west coast of the island of Pag.

How to get to the beach? After turning off the road towards the village Vidasovi Stani, you have a few hundred meters of walking left to the bay, which can only be reached by macadam road. Due to the difficult access you have a great chance that this beach will be just yours, especially now when it is not yet the heart of the season…

Caska Bay

It is located east of Novalja, on the site a former Roman city which, according to legend, was destroyed and sunk in an earthquake in the 4th century, and whose remains can be found near the beach and on the seabed. Access to the sea is mostly sandy. The seabed descends very steeply, which makes the beach extremely deep. On the beach there is a catering offer and something recreational facilities.

Famous beach with one of the most beautiful camps on the Adriatic

Straško beach, with the camp of the same name, is located south of Novalja, in a wide bay open to the open sea. It is about 1,5 km long, and after a short rocky entrance to the sea, you come to a sandy bottom.

Next to the beach is one of the largest and naturally the most beautiful campsites on the Adriatic with a textile part, catering, entertainment and sports and recreational offer, various workshops, children's playgrounds, etc. The whole area is covered with forest, pine, holm oak, which gives the site special charm. Since the summer of 2004, the beach has The blue flag.

Also, while you're there, Braničevica beach is located next to the beach Straško, and this beach is very long, and in its hinterland is located the village Gajac. There you will find an excellent catering offer and some recreational facilities. All other facilities are located a few dozen meters from the beach within the village, and feel free to take and pet because one part of the beach is designed just for them!

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