Hiking in Croatia: Trail of seven waterfalls

The trail of seven waterfalls is one of the most famous and most beautiful hiking trails in Istria, although hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts all over the world know about this trail. This trail was even found in German and English guides "Hiking in Croatia". The trail is most beautiful in the spring about autumn when you can actually enjoy the sounds and scenery of the waterfalls which are then the most lush. In summer you will rarely find waterfalls.

An interesting landscape in which the hills merge with the glades and old towns and villages along the numerous tributaries of the river Mirna are an irresistible invitation to visit the Buzet region. Otherwise, this trail is about 14 kilometers long and for this walk you will need about five hours of walking with breaks and get ready because it is not easy at all. The photos and videos that you can find on the Facebook page are the best evidence of what scenes open up to you Trail of 7 waterfalls - Buzet. Dean Prodan is a local guide and tourist worker who knows every stone of this trail and whom we found this Saturday on a weekend tour of the trail, which he says is interesting at any time of year, especially in spring and autumn because of the waterfalls that are lush and loud, but also because the colors we find in nature. In the spring, you can also take asparagus along this trail, but watch out for hopscotch that you can easily repel by pounding walking sticks on the ground.

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Dean also told us one interesting thing: The people from Kotli talk very loudly, precisely because of the murmur of water that has been present throughout history, and the locals have to outvote the powerful water. You can still feel it in their voice today. You will find interesting stories by walking this special and interesting trail that reveals the mystical beauties of Istria in all seasons. In summer the greenery and rich vegetation are breathtaking, in autumn the rains fill the river and create an overwhelming roar of water breaking over the rocks, in winter when frozen water droplets create unusual views or in spring which lures the heralds of spring and the first animals to the light of day.

Barrel Waterfall. After the rain, the water has the color of marl and limestone .. and the sound is soothing .. 🎶🎶

It publishes Trail of 7 waterfalls - Buzet on Thursday, June 11, 2020.

For the most part, the trail runs along the stream of the river Mirna and next to seven attractive waterfalls, while in its first part it passes through the Buzet trim trail and promenade. The first waterfall that you reach by trail is 5 meters high, and the pond that fills the water is as wide as 24,4 meters. Once the first impressions subside, a second waterfall awaits you, slightly higher. The Barrel Waterfall, 8,8 meters high and 5,8 meters wide, creates a pond slightly smaller than the first, 12,1 meters wide. The entrances to the mining shafts are also located here. It is less known how coal was mined in the middle of the 19th century in the Buzet region from the mines below Selce. Work in these coal mines began in 1854 and lasted a short time, only a few months due to the small amount of coal. The suspension of the works was probably decided by the distance of the location and the poor road connection.

The biggest attraction on the trail follows Vela Peć waterfall as high as 26 and a half meters and 5,6 wide. This is the right place to take a break with photography and admiring this giant of the river Mirna. In the continuation of the trail, the Mala peć waterfall awaits you, 4 meters high and 3 meters wide. The real attraction along the water follows further on the way by arriving at Kotli waterfall, height 12 and width 7 meters. In this area, an old mill has been preserved, which offers a view of the lakes and waterfalls, and be sure to visit Kotle, a restored old village. In the summer months, swimming is a real refreshment here, so be sure not to forget your swimsuit.

When Zagon whispers softly .. 🎶 .. it was named after the high cliff above it…

It publishes Trail of 7 waterfalls - Buzet on Sunday, June 14, 2020

The path from the picturesque Kotli continues to the waterfall Under the old coffee, or quarries. With its height of 7,9 and width of 2 and a half meters, it creates a pond 16 meters wide. And so you reach the last waterfall Grjak, 8,2 meters high, whose lake is as wide as 35,4 meters and 6,1 meters deep.

Find a detailed map of the trail here.

Along with a tour of these natural phenomena, do not forget the interesting fact that along the trail is the old Napoleon Bridge from the early 19th century. Namely, the bridge of St. Joseph or as it is also called the French or Napoleon Bridge, but find out on a tour with guides if this is actually the case and how the bridge actually got its name. This bridge is a favorite photo point on the trail and take the opportunity to create another lasting memory of a walk on one of the most beautiful trails in Istria.

And when you walk this path, remember that in nature you can leave only a trace of your feet. These hard-working volunteers clean the trail regularly so don’t throw trash.

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Cover photo: Dean Hum

Source: Istra.hr

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