Idea for the weekend: Let's go on a tour of Croatian castles

Castles are not just a place of fairy tales and legends, they are also found throughout Croatia, so if you haven't yet, why not embark on an adventure touring castles? Breathe in the spirit of times past, learn all about the legends that have been associated with these imposing buildings throughout history, and take a tour. Some of them hide tragic love stories, while some are filled with real magic… Discover them with us!

The magnificent Trakošćan hides a history of almost 800 years

In the hilly Zagorje near the baroque town Varaždin located this magnificent castle with an enchanting park and pond, which hides a history nearly 800 years long and has been attracting tourists for more than half a century.

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You will find it in solitude in a landscape park consisting of a large artificial lake, meadow, indigenous sessile oak forest and hornbeam, and rich flora and fauna.

Trakošćan Castle today it is a cultural and historical monument of exceptional importance and one of the few buildings in Croatia with its own preserved material. In this castle you will find a valuable collection of paintings, furniture, weapons and valuable objects from the Renaissance to Historicism. The exhibits of this castle-museum represent the noble life of the people of Trakošćan and the Drašković family.

Recommendation: A tour of the castle consists of a visit to the low and high ground floor and the first and second floors. Each floor is unique and a tour of the entire castle is recommended. 

Also, the entire tourist destination is a real paradise for all lovers of history and nature, and will be satisfied and high criteria of potential gourmands.

Lužnica Castle - Zaprešić

Only twenty kilometers from Zagreb separates you from this baroque castle that was built in the early 18th century. 

If you want step into the past, be sure to visit this castle that will delight you with the harmony of its architecture, the warmth of the space and the breath of the past. It's up in the early 18th century, and was owned by the Rauch family. Today it is Lužnica Castle in the possession of the Sisters of Charity, who installed a geothermal elevator in the castle, opened accommodation facilities and equipped congress halls. Their work really paid off, because they received the prestigious award of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies for it "Simply the Best" for a great contribution to the tourist offer of Zagreb County, which is a favorite for the weekend for the inhabitants of the Croatian capital, but also the surrounding counties.

After a walk and a tour of the castle, refined performance and late Baroque, Rococo inventory visit this beautiful place to finish in the park around the castle. The park has been declared protected space in the category of Monuments of Park Architecture. They make it English park and lake, and woods and promenades.

Veliki Tabor Castle

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Veliki Tabor is located in the northwest of Croatia, in Hrvatsko Zagorje in Hum Košnički in the municipality of Desinić, 8 km west of Pregrada. The castle is located at 333 m above sea level and dominates the Zagorje region for more than half a millennium. There you will be delighted by the view from the castle of the entire Croatian Zagorje and part of Slovenia.

Noble town Great Camp is one of the most important cultural and historical monuments of profane architecture of continental Croatia and is one of the mostbolis preserved of late medieval and renaissance fortified cities continental Croatia.

The castle changed its owners and today Veliki Tabor is a monument of zero category and is located under the protection of UNESCO.

The castle hides a creepy story

Veliki Tabor is best known for legends about Veronika Desinićka which, due to forbidden love with the young count, according to legend, was walled up in the castle walls. Reportedly Veronica's sobs are still heard, especially during the winter. Brrr…

If you decide to tour this castle, you can pre-book one of the organized themed tours where you will find out all the details of this story that freezes the blood in the veins.

Pejačević Castle in Virovitica

Pejačević Castle is located in the center of Virovitica, built on the site of the former medieval fortifications. It is one in a series of Slavonian castles of the famous noble family Pejačević, and was built in between 1800 and 1804. 

Pejačević Castle in Virovitica has been renovated, City Park the park look has been restored, and there you will see landscaped promenades in the park and a new fountain that adorns the promenade in front of the Petar Preradović High School.

As part of the castle you will be delighted collection of the City Museum, a newly renovated space spanning 3000 square meters. Today, the Museum houses 5.000 objects, 880 of which are on permanent display, showing the life of the Virovitica region from the Neolithic to the first decades of the 20th century.

Interesting fact: Virovitica has historically been known as ”Little Venice”With as many as 16 bridges in the city center. Through the project of renovation of the Castle, five designer wooden bridges were set up, of which everyone tells their own story - study them!

You will also find Pejačević Castle in Našice

Pejačević Castle in Našice has been home to generations of members of this noble family since 1734, when Baron (later Count) Josip Pejačević bought the Našice estate, until World War II, when the Pejačevićs left Našice.

In Našice, almost next to each other in a large park, there are two castles of Counts Pejačević: a large and a small castle, as the Pejačevićs themselves called them. Today, Pejačević Castle in Našice is the seat Native Museum of Našice. It is presented there local ethnological collection and the entire history of this area.

Important to know: The local museum is currently closed due to work on the renovation of the Pejačević castle.

Sail into the magic of Hogwarts

Fans of Harry Potter and Sorcery in Gorski Kotar are coming to their senses!

"Hogwarts ”school of sorcery, is located near Ravna Gora at 800 meters above sea level, in an untouched, century-old forest of diverse flora and fauna - Stara Sushica castle which is real the historical jewel of Gorski kotar. It is managed by the Youth Center, and children and young people from all over Croatia stay there on various organized school programs in nature, camps, wintering or summer vacations.

Going to a school of magic, traveling by train and taking off the cloak of invisibility, are just some of the many reasons to visit the castle Stara Sušica…

The capacity of the castle is 14 rooms spread over two floors, with a total of 110 beds, toilets and a modern kitchen and dining room that can accommodate 60 people. Read more about this magical place full of good fun at LINK.

Cover photo: Domagoj Sever

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