Ideal house for a luxury vacation near Zagreb with 6 double rooms and a swimming pool

Traveling is first and foremost an escape from a familiar routine, and a vacation is relaxing in a safe and comfortable environment. Even when you have your own house and greenery at your disposal, without having to go far - it can be said that you have found the ideal combination.

Our ancestors called it countryside and they knew how to enjoy it, and there is no reason why we should not follow their example even today. In the green ring around Zagreb are hidden comfortable houses created to become a new country paradise. In them you will find privacy, complete peace and freedom, beautiful nature and rural idyll - a completely simple life. Although in these uncertain times it sounds like a dream, rest on your own has never been closer. 

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Luxury holiday homes are the most sought after accommodation, especially those in the green Zagreb ring near the metropolis. We found the ideal a luxury five-star house as many as six double rooms and three extra beds. Reservations for the winter holidays are already in full swing, and autumn booking is underway, while the demand for holiday homes is growing every year.

Right next to the luxury house with underground garages for your tin pets, deer gather, so the enjoyment of the view is guaranteed as well as complete relaxation and enjoyment away from stress and crowds.

There is an educational trail near this luxury house March forests on the western slopes of Moslavačka gora near the village of Šumećani. The trail is circular, 3.000 m long, slightly hilly, easy to walk for all ages, can be crossed in about 30 minutes of normal walking.

There is also an educational trail nearby forest "Žutica" which consists of as many as 10 educational points, and the length of the trail is about 2500 m. The educational trail starts at the place Pleso ”and is designed to guide visitors through various forest stands. Thus it passes through a forest of pedunculate oak, a forest of common hornbeam, all the way to a flooded forest of field ash. In one part it passes along the riverbed of the old Lonja. 

Sat Ivanić-Grad near this perfect holiday home is located along the river Lonja, in Moslavina, along the highway Zagreb - Lipovac, and from Zagreb is only thirty kilometers away. Ivanić-Grad was first mentioned in records in the 13th century, more precisely in 1246, and is best known for its health resort. "Naphthalene" and a traditional manifestation "Buchiada“, But also top quality wines and wine cellars.

Scarlet is an old autochthonous wine variety of Moslavina that gives a refreshing and light white wine, and a new generation of winemakers has breathed new life into this neglected variety. We can expect great things from their dedicated work on škrlet, and for now enjoy this Moslavina wine endemic as the perfect drink for warm days spent in nature and society and be sure to check out this wine story at the Winery Voštinić Klasnić and a rural estate Kezele.

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