Summer on Lastovo: cinema screenings, theater performances and stargazing

Advent in Croatia

The Romans, due to numerous natural beauties and abundance of sea fish, the island of Lastovo called Augusta Insula, i.e. Imperial Island. Although it is ten kilometers long and less than six kilometers wide, on Lastovo you can find a large number of natural beaches and hidden coves, as well as dense pine forests. All this, along with the clear sea, more than 200 kilometers of hiking trails and the facilities it offers, attracts tourists from all over the world.

The ever more lively summer on Lastovo was additionally enriched this week with the birthday celebration of the Dobra Dobričević Association, which, in addition to organizing a series of entertainment, educational, humanitarian and community projects for a decade, is also a partner in a series of island programs outside of its direction, especially since they established and equipped the Social center of Lastovo.

In the community center there was a klapa show, astronomy workshops with Bojan Pečnik, a lecture on Rača Cave, and for tomorrow Tuesday, July 18 micro:bit workshop for children with Ana Maretić begins, and continues in the nearby schoolyard China Mediterranean season with three weekly screenings.

The area of ​​the Lastovo Community Center has become such a vital place where the needs of the local community will be articulated, experiences and knowledge will be exchanged with other local and external organizations, and children and adults will be able to find their space to express themselves and meet the various needs on the island of around seven hundred people, without public institutions in culture, with an elementary school with a little less than 40 students, and with programs that, for the most part, even larger cities in Croatia cannot boast of.

Precisely because it covers the widest possible range of target groups - from children to cartoonists and architects to farmers - the association applies to almost all tenders where it is an acceptable partner, and thus over the years it has built capacities with which any further action will be ensured. In the association, a number of islanders were educated who can now independently create and implement projects, and the community has learned about a type of generally useful model of action with quite measurable progress in various fields.

The association has a suitable name after the name of the most important historical figure of Lastovo, Dobra Dobričević (Boninus de Boninis, Lastovo, 1454 – Treviso, 1528), a pioneer of European printing. He opened his first printing house in Verona, then moved to Brescia and published about fifty books, among the first of which he printed Dante's "Divine Comedy". After that, he supplemented his publishing career with a kind of espionage in France, towards the end of his life he also became a priest in Treviso.

Summer on Lastovo with performances by cultural and artistic societies and theater performances

The program that is being held this week in Lastovo in addition to the association's anniversary includes the premiere of KUD Lastovo's multimedia performance in the western courtyard of Palac in Friday July 21, the play "Chronicle of Rural Love" by Ivan Vidić performed by Teatro Rugantino in Sunday, July 23, "Pelikan" Kina Mediteran in the schoolyard on Tuesday, July 18, and the already standard offer of the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Lastovo, which this Tuesday from the 22 the hour leads to the helipad to observe the starry sky.

As you can see, there is no shortage of content in Lastovo. For those who want to explore Lastovo's undersea, there is diving, recreationalists can ride Lastovo's bicycle or walk along Lastovo Islands Nature Park. If you rent a boat or own it yourself, you can explore the bays and numerous islets, and there is also hunting tourism, as well as sports camps.

Source and photo: TZ Lastovo


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