Introduction to the Renaissance Festival: Basketball workshops in Legrad with the aim of preserving old crafts

Basketball has existed in our areas for centuries, but this old profession is slowly falling into oblivion. Some events, such as the Renaissance Festival in Koprivnica, nurture old crafts that are an excellent tourist attraction and a real attraction for visitors. Organizers of events such as this festival have detected that old craftsmen are slowly disappearing, and young people are not interested in these occupations, so they started organizing workshops so that these old occupations and crafts would not disappear.

This weekend, a basketball workshop will be held at the Community Center in Legrad, ie knitting wicker baskets. Since Legrad was known for weaving the bestbolI location to learn this craft is right in Legrad. An excellent master of knitting will introduce the participants to all the secrets of making wicker baskets in the traditional way. Workshops of old crafts are organized by the Tourist Board of the City of Koprivnica in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Central Podravina.

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Source: Youtube video

The baskets were woven from black willow and were of various sizes and shapes, and their main characteristic is resistance and hardness, which is why they were often used in agriculture. The bark is removed from the bushes, which is why the baskets are light in color, and it is interesting how they were made of willows that grow in the area, so the material depended on the climate where the baskets are located. Willows were pruned for picking bushes as early as February and March, because young branches are used for baskets, which are then cut no later than the Assumption and used for basket weaving. Namely, after August 15, the bush no longer has sap and is not elastic and cannot be knitted. It is very important to peel the bushes within an hour of picking and then dry them for about twenty days. If you want darker baskets, then there is no need to peel the bark from the bushes. After drying the branches are connected and the branches are soaked in water to restore elasticity. Knitting follows and then drying again and every part of the process is extremely important because just one mistake can lead to you not being able to weave the reeds and make a basket.

Source: Koprivnica Tourist Board

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