Rab - an island of happiness, but also of rich traditions and culture

The island of Rab is one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic on average the sun shines 2417 hours a year. But it’s not just sunny days what attracts tourists on this one An island of happiness, as Rab is still called. Visitors to Rab in their nine settlements offers much more, an introduction to the rich history, culture and tradition.


Rab has a rich history in which many famous people stand out. They are an island settled by the Illyrians 350 BC, and in the 1st century Rab became a Roman municipality. It has developed into an important center on the eastern Adriatic coast called Felix Arba (Arb is an Illyrian word meaning wooded, dark, green). Its rise began in the second half of the 11th century and lasted until the 13th century, when it was ruled by Croatian rulers and the Venetian Republic in the form of free Adriatic communes. In the 15th century it was sold to the Venetians, under whose rule it remained until 1798 and the arrival of Napoleon.

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Of interest is the story of Rab stonemason Sv. Marina, who went to the Apennine Peninsula and there founded the Republic of San Marino in the 4th century. Today is All Marin patron of Lopar and a particularly important figure for the local population.

Rab island of culture

Many churches and town squares throughout the island of Rab they have not changed their basic role as the center of cultural life since Roman times. Every summer, guests are expected on the streets of Rab numerous events, from concerts of famous domestic and foreign musicians to art studios and outdoor exhibitions that create a special atmosphere on the streets of the old town.

If you are able, be sure to visit the traditional shipbuilding fair Rab Nautic Passion or participate in a pilgrimage called the Cross, whose tradition began after the outbreak of the plague. You must not miss Rab Fair, a unique medieval festival with knightly games. There is also Eco walkerand, during which island producers and farms present their own indigenous products.

Customs and traditions

Rab is full of tradition, and occupies a special place in the calendar "Rab Fair" which attracts more than 10.000 visitors to the island every year. The streets of Rab become the stage of a medieval festival where craftsmen show their skills and exhibit traditional products. At the same time, crossbowmen compete in target shooting, and visitors enjoy a top-notch program and a wealth of content on offer.

All citizens of Rab and Lopar celebrate Feast of the Cross, a votive pilgrimage whose beginnings date back to the 15th century, at the time of the plague, when the inhabitants of Rab believed that only God could save them from death. Believers make a pilgrimage to the island all the way Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the town of Rab, where the central ceremony is held.

On the last day of the carnival, at the so-called Mesopust, Lopar residents celebrate a 150-year-old ritual. They put on a traditional carnival mask (hat and visor) and, singing old Lopar songs, visit the houses where they are greeted with home-made food and drinks. Other Lopar customs can be seen at performances KUD “San Marino”. There are also various fairs of old crafts and arts held throughout the island. They are especially interesting traditional dances dance and chant which are performed to the sounds of a specific wind instrument - the miha.

Source: Visit Rab

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