Gacko Kayaking: Immerse yourself in the richness of nature with transparent kayaks

Gacka dolina is a large karst field bordered by Velebit towards the sea, and towards the interior by the Chapel which, as its name suggests, dominates river Gacka. This interesting river springs at one end of the field, and sinks at the opposite and in length this is the third sinkhole in the world. We take you with a picture and text on kayaking in Gacko, with transparent kayaks, which is a favorite attraction in Lika with a zip line.

It is interesting that the original course of the Gacka is as long as 32 kilometers, but after the construction of the hydroelectric power plant in Senj, it was shortened to 11 kilometers. Due to the slight drop in altitude, the flow of the Gacka is calm and winding, and the water is extremely clean and rich in oxygen, so this river Favorite Tourist Attraction Like.


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A special experience is kayaking on this river, and when the kayaks are still transparent, then the experience is unique and unforgettable, which we saw during our stay in Lika when our team Velebit activities and introduced the Lika club to everything secrets of kayaking Gacko. Kayaking for an hour is a ride you will remember for a long time, and you will most likely return to Gacki.

In a transparent kayak it is as if you are a part of such a wild and so gentle river that is full of life. From the birds that will accompany you all the way, to the breathtaking greenery and scenes of the Gacka Valley, all the way to the fish and the underwater world that appears literally under your feet.

Transparent kayak it is made of a specific material used in the manufacture of bulletproof glass, which makes it strong and solid. This open two-seater is ideal for relaxed rowing and exploring the flora and fauna of the Gacka River.

Can you imagine an ideal day spent in nature rowing and enjoying with friends and family? Then you have to experience this kayaking with Gacko and all the charms of Lika.


The people of Gača were moving along the river "Blue", vessels carved from fir logs, which are characteristic of Gacka. Numerous aquatic plants grow in the river, so lush that Gačani mow it and feed it to cattle.

It is especially interesting that until 1937 they lived alone in Gacka four species of fish - brown trout, eel, pikeperch and pike, which may have been introduced in the time of the Frankopans. Brook crayfish used to live in this river, but it disappeared in 1931 due to duck plague. Later, numerous other species of fish were introduced into Gacko, and some of them came through the canal that connected it to Lika for the needs of the Gacka hydroelectric power plant, so that today Gacko still lives California trout, grayling, carp, tench, brook trout, chub and sunfish.

The introduction of these species disturbed the biological balance of the river and reduced the purity of the water. Brook trout in Gacka they grow especially fast five times faster than in other karst rivers and are known among fishermen all over the world


The river Gacka and its tributaries were worked on during the 20th century sixty mills, and today only a few of them still perform their ancient function of grinding grain at the springs in Sinac, using the driving force of this river. Lasting in balance and collusion between man and nature, as an objectification of their harmony and cooperation, they preserve the memory of one of the old, extinct trades. Lika is a destination where you can revive history for a moment, and the story of the river Gacka takes us through time.

Today, at the beginning of the new century, in the springs of Gacka, the rattle of the mill and the sound of the millstone still resist as remnants of folk architecture. On Mayer's well you can buy ground flour right here, on Gacka as a souvenir of a visit to Lika, although unfortunately you cannot see the mills from the inside since these mills are actually private property.


And when you experience Gacka and all its beauty, it's time to get to know it Gacka Museum. This river also has a local museum located in the center of Otočac in a building built in the late 19th century. It takes about forty minutes to visit the Gacka Museum, and the permanent exhibition consists of six units in which the objects of six interesting museum collections are exhibited.

Source: NP Northern Velebit, Visit Lika.

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