5 locations in Croatia that hide true love stories

Love - the word for which wars were fought, songs were sung, castles, towers and walls were built, the army was sent and art was created. Love has been woven into our beings since time immemorial, and many testify to that preserved monuments and love stories so significant that they are talked about hundreds of years later. Here are places in Croatia that hide love stories, although not every one of them is fairytale with a happy ending… These five locations seem ideal for a couple's trip.

beloved and good
Theater play "Miljenko and Dobrila", photo: TZ of the city of Kaštela

Shocking Romeo and Juliet

If you walk Vinkovci, the oldest European city, in a well-known part of the city - Krnjasha, next to Bosut you will come across a monument in front of the house Ivan Kozarac and his unrequited love Marija Kozarac.

Namely, the story dates back to the 19th century when Marija and Ivan grew up together in the same street in the mentioned Vinkovci settlement Krnjaš. Despite her great love, she remained forever uncondemned because Mary and John were related in the third knee. John died young of tuberculosis at the age of 25 and Mary married Vinkovci entrepreneur Guutman.

Ivan and Marija Kozarac, photo: Dražen Bota, source: Tourist Board of Vinkovci

However, for the rest of his life, Ivan loved Mary very much and dedicated a song to her "I'm fond of soot and blue" – one of the most beautiful songs written in those areas. In Vinkovac City Museum you will find Mary's clothes, and there are glasses that are Kirbay gift Mary.

A love story from Greek mythology on Mljet

Did you know that the island of Mljet, a beautiful island full of fairytale beaches, hides a love story from Greek mythology. Namely, many believe that the mysterious mythical Ogygia, the island where she is in love, is nymph Calypso held captive An odyssey, just the island of Mljet.

Legends tell of Odysseus after the shipwreck the sea dumped right on the coast of Ogygia (or today's Mljet) where Calypso lived fell in love with Odysseus. Namely, she offered him eternal youth and immortality, and in return she asked him to stay with her on the island. According to legend, Calypso has been an Odyssey for seven years held captive until, when Zeus asked her to, she let him go.

Mljet, photo: Ivan Bagić/ Pixabay

Even the cave in which Calypso allegedly lived is called Mljet today Odysseus Cave.

Baron Trenk and Maria Theresa

The story goes back to the time of the Jesuit government in Kutjevo, when wines back in 1741, allegedly attracted to the Kutjevo cellar Baron Trenk and Empress Maria Theresa.

Legend has it that Baron Trenk and Maria Theresa locked in a basement for seven days where their guards kept watch so that the secret hiding would not go public. When the lovers left the basement, they stayed on the floor scattered bottles of wine i about seventy notches on the wall - which are said to be signs of love of the baron and empress. After their stay, there was one hole left in the middle of the table, and the same table is today tourist attraction because it is believed that the recess on it has a large the power of fulfilling love desires. All you have to do is rest your left palm on the table and let your imagination run wild.

Kutjevo Castle, source: Tourist Board of Požega-Slavonia County

It is also said that the wine that the baron and empress drank had aphrodisiac properties. Therefore, if you find yourself in these parts, try it Kutjevo wine and see if it has the same effect today.

Another story about Romeo and Juliet from Our Lady

Quarrelsome noble families who are responsible for the story come from Kastel Luksic. If you find yourself there be sure to visit the historic Rušinac Castle built on a sea cliff that was also the home of Miljenko, the main character in the story of Croatian Romeo and Juliet, as they are still called.

Cause of family quarrel which were conducted because of feudal rights over rural farmers, Miljenko and Dobrila they had to meet in secret. When it began to be suspected that the two of them were seeing each other, the vengeful Dobrila's father decided to imprison his daughter in monastery of st. Nicholas in Trogir… However, the love of these forbidden lovers did not end there, so Dobrila runs away to Miljenko. When the families realized that they could not end the love of the two young people, the quarreling families reconciled and invited them home with the permission to hold a wedding. However, after the wedding, Dobrila's father cannot overcome his hatred and kills Miljenko, after which, due to great grief, Dobrila dies very quickly.

beloved and good
Theater play "Miljenko and Dobrila", photo: TZ of the city of Kaštela

Today, the castle is a hit destination for many newlyweds.

Kuda's bridge of strong love

In the area of ​​the town of Obrovac, surrounded by greenery, he hid Kudin Bridge. It is a bridge that hides the story of the power of love that young Kude had when he was built a bridge in just two months; he made the whole undertaking in drywall, travertine blocks and pillars more than 200 years ago and built a bridge to get to the other side of the river, to his girlfriend he loved.

build a bridge
Kudin bridge - Krupa river and waterfalls, photo: Biljana Jovanović/ Pixabay

He crossed the river that separated him from his sweetheart so that he could accompany the bride and groom to propose to his beloved Milija when he finally, 109 meters later, reached it. After such an effort, you don’t even have to ask who it was hers response to the proposal…


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