Madjerkin breg - a paradise for cyclists and lovers of active holidays

By May, Međimurje should get another tourist attraction, which will attract domestic and foreign visitors, especially cyclists. Construction Bicycle information center with a lookout on Madjerkin hill progress is well, and the construction of the structure is scheduled to be completed by the end of February.

The idea of ​​the so-called lookout on Mađerka hill, it came from choosing a location that can present in the best possible way natural beauties of upper Međimurje and its geographical position.

A view of four countries from Madjerka's hill

Madjerkin breg is a hill above Štrigova towards the border with Slovenia. It is located at 341 meters above sea level, which is only three meters lower than the highest point of Međimurje. The advantage of Madjerka's hill is that you can see as many as four countries from it: Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia, and in nice weather you can see Sljeme.

The Hungarian hill also has its historical significance because it is named after Emilia Krauthaker, better known as "Madjerka". She was born in 1889 on the feast of St. Mary Magdalene, July 22 in Budapest. Symbolically, the Municipality and Parish of Štrigova celebrate their day on July 22.

She moved to these parts in the XNUMXs from Budapest, where she was a famous ballerina. During the war she was left without a husband who was a Hungarian soldier and officer. She baked top-quality cakes, cream cakes at a time when many did not even know how to bake an ordinary cake, and she had a lot of chickens. Each of these hens had its own name, and she wrote on the eggs the names of the hens that laid them. She sold those eggs in Štrigova, and when asked "How does she live", she would answer that she lives from those few eggs, and she is nourished by the beauty of the nature that surrounds her.

She soon lost her husband, and everything was taken away from her, except for an area of ​​ten hectares. Emilia had a large vineyard, but poverty was growing, so she could no longer pay the workers with the wine she sold and the chickens she had. In the end, she could do almost nothing, but she did not want to sell her land.

After the vineyards were neglected for years, they were bought by two well-known Međimurje wine-growing families Cmrečnjak and Štampar and began to revitalize that space.

The lookout is only part of the rich offer of Štrigova and Međimurje

With a desire to the entire tourist offer rises to an even higher level and to be offered to tourists top tourist content, the municipality of Štrigova in cooperation with the County of Međimurje devised a project to build a lookout. The goal is for it to be a visitor center, a bicycle rest area, and a presentation and tasting center for the Međimurje Wine Road.

Nearby is the attractive Međimurje Wine Road, which is a world attraction. Namely, nowhere in the world is there so much wine in one very small area awarded the Decanter Award. The House of Culture in Štrigova has also been reconstructed and is preparing to become the Pušipela World Center in the future. It is a county wine brand. In addition, it has been scientifically and unequivocally established that Štrigova is the birthplace of St. Jerome, one of the most important Christian saints.

The Church of St. Jerome in Štrigova is a church known for its two bell towers. Namely, it is specific because two bell towers are usually built in cathedrals. The floor plan of the church is almost identical to the famous Basilica of St. Peter in Rome. The greatest value of the church is that during the 18th century the famous fresco painter Ivan Ranger painted part of the sanctuary. Churches and chapels have existed in this place before, but they were either burned during the Turkish campaign in Vienna or destroyed in the earthquake.

Near Štrigova are also Terme Sveti Martin and all this is important for the further development of the overall tourist offers of Međimurje.

Cover photo: The final look of the Lookout Tower on Mađerkin Breg / Source: Međimurje County


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