Margaret's Summer - a festival that starts the summer according to the Bakar calendar

In a country of a thousand festivals and events, it is sometimes not easy to spot those that, in addition to a good mood, bring value more. It does not hurt, therefore, to point out those who succeed in this. Growing from a small fishing festival into an established one-month summer festival, "Margaret's Summer" u Copper will again this year, finally free of restrictive measures and pandemic restrictions, offer us the bestbolis from entertainment, culture and interesting tourist-interpretive tours. Of the twenty-five different programs, twenty-three will be completely free.

Notes are notes

Among them are concerts by Jacques Houdek, Indira "Forza", Marija Battifiaca and Maja Šuput. It is no wonder that rumors are spreading on the terraces of Bakar these days that the city has booked "half of the stage".

Those for whom a light summer party is not an ideal detour will also come into their own. Namely, "half of the Croatian classical music scene" will merge in Bakar during June and July. You will be able to enjoy the top performances of the Cadenza String Quartet, the Minstrel Ensemble, the Solemnis Trio and the Camerata Garestin Ensemble.

In addition, the city will host several exhibitions, plays, book presentations and other cultural and tourist events in July, such as the traditional Margaret Fair, a review of historical troops and fireworks during the "Bakar Night" on July 9.

Masters of interpretation

When it comes to heritage and its tourist presentation, Bakar, believe it or not, belongs to the most innovative destinations in Croatia. "Margaret's Summer" for several years now it has been widely known A walk through history. This year, she will take us in the interpretation of Ivo Silla and Bora Štrbac Andrija Mohorovičić's time machine, a great Croatian scientist who spent a good part of his career in Bakar. In addition, interpretation tours await us “Hidden Flat” performed by Jelena Holenko aka Lynx & Fox, "BEAUTY" Marijana Mužević, and "Old roads of Škrljevo" by Boro Strbac. Popular storyteller Sabina Gvozdić from Ogulin will also perform at the opening of the event on June 25.

Always raising the bar of excellence - because its partners and sponsors (City of Bakar, Industrial Zone Bakar, INA, Metis, etc.) do not expect less - "Leto" will offer us some more original programs this year. He stands out among them "Sea of ​​Fashion", a fashion show to be held on July 23 in the middle of Bakar Bay. What will it look like - the bestbolis to come and check it out live!

Find more information and details about the Margaret Summer Festival HERE.

Photos: Bakar Tourist Board


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