Međimurje attracts both domestic and foreign guests

We bring you a few facts that will make you want to visit Međimurje this weekend, a destination of kind hosts, top wines and enchanting nature. Međimurje boasts an average grade 9,0 for the quality of accommodation, and here more than 10 restaurants received the label Međimurje's golden gourmet, a medal that is a guarantor for top restaurants.

You won’t run away from culture and tradition here either because it is more than 50 cultural attractions part of the pearl necklace of the Ecomuseum of Međimurje, and more than 20.000 recorded Međimurje songs are part of the UNESCO treasury of world intangible heritage.

Nature that calls for enjoyment

Mill on the Mura in Sveti Martin na Muri, Mlinar's educational trail, Mađerkin breg, rivers Drava and Mura, Bedekovićeva graba and Mura-Drava Regional Park are just a part of untouched Međimurje nature that will delight all lovers of fresh air and green color that thrives. Fertile area between the rivers Drava and Mura UNESCO has included and protected it as a cross-border reserve of the Mura-Drava-Danube biosphere. How much nature is loved in Međimurje is also said by the fact that it is also called the Croatian flower garden. Come, relax in nature and let it enchant you.

In Međimurje, even waiting for you 700 kilometers of bike paths and driving through beautiful nature and terrain dotted with hills, forests, forest roads and marked bicycle paths. Bring or rent a bike and explore at least some of the many marked bike paths. In Međimurje you will also find the first Bike Hotel in continental Croatia. Hotel Spa Golfer as part of LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin offers a complete infrastructure for cyclists, so you don't have to worry about anything.

LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin and the first Croatian healthness destination  

Resort LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin consists of a series of active and relaxing activities: swimming pools, jacuzzis, massages and saunas. In the very place where the resort is now, back in 1913, thermal mineral healing water flowed when they were looking for oil. Its curative effect works in three pools and three Whirlpools, which are the ideal choice for the beginning or end of the day.

LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin are the originators of the healthness concept. Thus, in one place, you get a combination of active rest, wellness experience and raising awareness of your own health with the aim of restoring balance and awakening your body, mind and soul. For all those who want to cool off on hot summer days, it is here Aquapark Martilandia which brings a handful of entertainment content for all ages.

Local specialties are a top gastronomic fairy tale

You’ve all heard of it at least once Međimurje gibanica, a traditional Međimurje dessert whose taste will long be remembered on your palate. You will remember Međimurje and a half meat 'z tiblice, quality pumpkin oil and many other gastronomic delicacies because when a guest comes to Međimurje, a table full of local specialties awaits him.

These are local specialties that are supplemented and improved day by day. Those who taste them are always happy to try to prepare them at home. You can taste Međimurje specialties in the highest quality and multiple award-winning restaurants such as Terbotz and Mala hiža. The local gastronomy of upper Međimurje has won a prestigious award European destinations of excellence.

The most award-winning wine road in the world 

The cultivation of vines and the production of wine in Međimurje have been nurtured since ancient times. The quality is proven by the prestigious Decanter awards and praises that Međimurje winemakers receive one after another. Međimurje wine road is the most awarded road in the world, and Međimurje winemakers achieve excellent results at prestigious international wine competitions.

This wine region is also proud of the autochthonous Međimurje variety Pušipelom, which the people of Međimurje pack in specially designed bottles. What is the art of making wine, try it during your visit.  

Ekomuseum Međimurje malo - Virtual reality combined with material reality

If you haven't managed to visit all the attractions of Međimurje, be sure to visit Ecomuseum of Međimurje i state-of-the-art multimedia and interactive display in this part of Europe, make up for lost time through virtual reality, so it will be easier for you to plan your return to Međimurje and you will know what else you have to experience in this most visited continental destination of ours. The Ecomuseum unites the most important values ​​of Međimurje - singing, archeological and sacral heritage, mill on the Murawashing of gold on the Drava, Old town of Zrinski, natural heritage, wine culturetraditional Međimurje gastronomy, life and work Dr. Rudolf Steiner, sports and recreation.

The Central Visitor Center is located on the premises Međimurje County Tourist Board and is designed as a "visitor" center that gives visitors the most important basic information about Međimurje and encourages them to explore the cultural, historical and traditional heritage of the original location. Therefore, thanks to the fragmented museum, tourists will be able to visit locations that have not been sufficiently recognized by tourists, such as the future Center "Hiža Međimurske popevke" in Donja Dubrava or the Archaeological Park of the Necropolis in tumuli in Goričan.

Once you discover Međimurje, you will understand why more rooms are sought after here on weekends. Then you will get the answer to why Međimurje has become a hit continental destination of Lijepa naše.


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