Medun Fest - taste the "superfood" of Gorski kotar and have fun

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Book Saturday 2nd September for 4. Medun Fest, a honey-sweet festival, when three great ones will chef, Zdravko Tomšić, Branko Ognjenović and Boris Kauzlarić, to prepare visitors an unforgettable gastronomic experience based on meduna, under the leadership of the famous gastronome Domagoj Jakopović Ribafish.

honey fest
Goran honey ice cream

Traditionally, the Medun Fest is dedicated to the indigenous Goranian forest meduna, caviar among bee products, a nutritionally extremely rich foodstuff, and is held in the town of Lič in the municipality of Fužine. Medun or Mediljkovac is one of a kind superfoods Gorski kotar because it contains, among other things, antioxidants, amino acids, mineral substances, folic acid and is also rich in iron. It contains twelve times more minerals than nectar honey and a combination of sugars that is unique in nature. It has a specific taste and is less sweet and denser than nectar honeys.

The Tourism Office of the Municipality of Fužine, in cooperation with local stakeholders, has prepared a rich program that will include numerous tastings, educational-interactive workshops for all ages, excursions, a fun zone for the youngest visitors, etc.

honey fest
A forest fairy tale

The official opening of Medun Fest will be held in the center of Lič at 17 p.m., with the program starting at 11 a.m. with a welcome drink and honey snack, and the first lecture by Dr. sc. Gordana Hegić, president of the Croatian Apitherapy Society, on the topic "Truths and misconceptions about honey - how to recognize real honey", with honey tasting and apitherapy consultation starts at 11:30 am.

It's scheduled for 13 p.m. family hiking with expert guide Lynx and Fox along Lake Bajer through the forest to Preradović's peak (892 m) from which there is a view of Fužine, the Lika field and the surrounding hills. The path to the top was built already in the 19th century and it was the first organized promenade in this area. The "Fužine express" tourist train from the center of Lič will take all those registered for family hiking to the starting point near Čoka on Lake Bajer and return them to the central Medun Fest event.

Fužine view from Preradović peak
Fužine – view of Bajer lake from Preradović peak

From 15 p.m. in the center of Lič, visitors will have the opportunity, among other things, to buy bee elixir, honey, at the fair with a rich offer of local, Goranian OPGs. They are on schedule in the program tasting of the first ice cream and the first honeydew cocktail as well as the presentation and tasting of as many as nine types of wine from Kvarner wineries. He conceptualized the first honeydew ice cream Head Dino Galvango in collaboration with Marko Stojević, confectioner, and visitors will enjoy the sweet magic from 17 p.m., when the official opening of the festival is scheduled. From 18:30 p.m., the first forest honey cocktail designed by the Lynx Craft Distillery will be enjoyed.

Marko Stojević-Gorski kotar ice cream made of forest honey

Special attention will certainly be paid gastro show when famous chefs will perform, Zdravko Tomšić, Branko Ognjenović and Boris Kauzlarić, who will prepare delicacies for visitors based on Goran honey. A gastronomic spectacle is on the schedule from 20:15 p.m.

honey fest
Medun Fest

Visitors at the Medun Fest expects an extremely rich musical program when the fantastic will perform Brass band Fužina, group Gorani, choir Vrelo and vocal groups DIM and Vitaneo. It should be noted that on the eve of the official opening of Meduna Fest, from 16 p.m. to be precise, there will be ceremonial opening of the Vicić bridge, new tourist attractions in Lič.

Nourishing face mask based on forest honey

The youngest visitors will enjoy a special fun zone, the workshop "One day in the life of a worker bee", an apiary (presentation of a beehive with live bees) and shepherd's games intended for adults as well. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the ethnographic collection in the Ethnographic Museum in Lič, the presentation of the distillation of essential oil, and a visit to the Šumska bajka excursion site in Lič, where workshops for children on the topic of hardworking bees will be held from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m. The Tourism Office of the Municipality of Fužine, in association with Croatian Railways and the agency Lynx and Fox, organizes a special ""Honey Train" which departs from Rijeka at 15:50 and drives to Lič, and the passengers will be animated by guides and animators. Find more information about the program of the 4th Medun Fest at Facebook pages of the Office for Tourism of the Municipality of Fužine


After the honey spectacle, all visitors to the municipality of Fužine, the magical mountain riviera, will have the opportunity to enjoy a romantic musical evening by Bajerder, which is scheduled for September 3 from 18 p.m., which will officially close the program of 30 Green Summer events in Fužine. A unique musical evening by Bajerder will take place on the boat Sv. Antun who will take the visitors through the Goran region swan by Lake Bajer, and famous evergreens and canzones will be performed by Goranka Tuhtan, mezzo-soprano, Marin Tuhtan, tenor, Paulina Tuhtan, violin and Marie Tuhtan, piano.

Photo source: Municipality of Fužine


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