People from Varaždin enjoy music on the balconies of the city on Saturday mornings

After a short break due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Tourist Board of Varaždin continues with the project Music on the balconies of the city, with the aim of creating pleasant Saturday atmosphere in the city center.

Saturday mornings in the historic center of the city are again so filled with music from the balcony. After last year's break due to the coronavirus pandemic, Varaždin musicians are once again making Saturday's coffee more charming in three city squares, as part of the project Music on the balconies, which the Tourist Board of the city of Varaždin is conducting for the seventh year.

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Until July 3 on the balconies the Sermage Palace and the County Palace the young musicians will perform from 10,30am to 11,45am. The musical backdrop from the balcony of the City Hall will be replaced by music from a new innovative element of the tourist offer - music campers, between 10,30 and 11,30 on the Promenade.

The first music camper in Croatia

Varaždin's promotional offer is richer for another attraction. Combining Varaždin's musical tradition and creativity, innovator Siniša Vugrek he designed a unique camper equipped as a music box on wheels.

Inside, there is a large array of equipment for playing and making music, enough to hold smaller outdoor concerts. The camper is thus equipped with a digital piano, mix and DJ desk and quite strong speakers, and at the same time it is autonomous thanks to strong batteries that enable even four-hour concerts without recharging.

Kamperica will be used to enrich music content in the city itself, but also as an attractive resource for tourist promotion at various fairs, events and happenings.

Finally, let's say that the program Music on the balconies of the city wants to enrich the tourist offer of the destination, and create a pleasant atmosphere with a Saturday ritual of drinking coffee.

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