My pocket companion - a small 'apple' - is truly a great assistant to me on (adventure) tours


An adventure in nature it's an ideal opportunity to take crazy photos. And no, these are not photos taken with a professional camera, but with an ordinary mobile phone.

Demeter, photo: Marko Sladić

Little Demeter, which in the semi-darkness of our bakar forest in one of my adventures she stands wrapped up like some kind of apocalyptic nomad, is a real example. I literally adore this photo - one of my favorites.

My tiny photo machine, which proudly bears the mark of a bitten apple, is the smallest in the category and is called a Mini. It fits in the smallest pocket, and what it does is great really excellent photos. It is interesting how a whole photo revolution arose around him and his older brothers. That says a lot, don't you agree?

On various forums, you can find advice on how and at what moment to press the shutter button, which function is best to turn on for an excellent photo, from which angle to record a video, and other 'everything-something-cool'.

Forest and road in the fog, pocket assistant
Photo: Marko Sladić

Pocket companion

There are tons of great video tutorials on YouTube with tips on how to do 'this or that' with this little miracle. They compete to see who can take better photos, they also started shooting documentaries, commercials and even movies. In short, the perfect tiny pocket companion with a million options that 'smash' photography and video has been produced.

I always bring my little helper with me so we can take notes together adventures in nature. He has no problem immersing himself in a lake, river or stream, and he likes it best when we lie down in the deep grass from which we enthusiastically capture the best shots, such as, for example, on the train with the fascinating Krk bridge in the background.

A shot on the train with the fascinating Krk bridge in the background
Photo: Marko Sladić

It also performed excellently at height, when climbing trees. It is small, so it doesn't get stuck in your pocket or on branches. There are moments when, like an apple, I bite into it and transfer it like that, and then I take it out and - SNAP! Sometimes we have no other option, but my faithful companion never gets angry. And he has never disappointed me yet.

An irreplaceable assistant

In several cases I had the opportunity to return to classic photography. You know the one - a bag on the shoulder, and in it cables, SD card, small tripod, objective, lens, camera, blah blah blah. Too much of everything, too hard, too complicated...

It didn't take long for me to put everything back in the attic and continue working with my little apple – so simple, so cool, so 'pocketable', so mine.

A marker in the forest, a pocket assistant
Photo: Marko Sladić

PS: If Srđan Hulak, my favorite photographer from Krk, is reading this, he must be rolling with laughter. But I can't help myself, because my pocket companion on adventures is truly an irreplaceable assistant.


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