Near Zagreb, a Christmas fairy tale with the scent of tradition and Advent customs

In this time of warm winter atmosphere and Advent lamps, Christmas magic and the smell of cakes, a step away from the busy metropolis hides the biggest secret of the Croatian metropolis Zagreb County, where everything smells of tradition and peace, and there is no lack of glitter and Advent atmosphere.

The lighter winter rhythm in the picturesque towns of Zagreb's green ring leaves enough time to tour everything we may have missed during the previous, busier months. Getting to know the rich culture and original customs is a combination of pleasant and useful, the point of every good trip, a way to round off another year with dignity.

Advent festivities in many places of the Green Ring

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The festive atmosphere in the places within the Zagreb green ring is spread by human warmth, connection and tradition that is preserved and lived. Skating rink, Advent fair, Christmas village, rich catering offer and cultural program are just a part of this year's event "December in Gorica“Which will last from 6.12. until the end of December in the city park in front of the Turopolje Museum. It will be especially solemn on December 13.12, on St. Lucia's Day, when the city celebrates its day. Every year, the traditional Parade of Light passes through the center of Velika Gorica in her honor.

More about Christmas customs in Turopolje you will also be able to find out as part of the exhibition in front of the Turopolje Museum. Indulge in the Christmas atmosphere with the scent of tradition and peek into the green living room of the metropolis that surrounds it. Everything here smells of mulled wine, cinnamon and homemade cakes, and even truffles, which are the gastronomic trump card of this area, which local caterers imaginatively compose with the flavors of tradition.

Ivanić-Grad it also invites Advent and New Year's holidays with contents adapted to the epidemiological situation, which will delight everyone, from the youngest to the oldest visitors. In addition to the inevitable Christmas concerts and songs, the lighting of Advent candles in front of the church of St. Petra, workshops and children's playrooms, visitors, and especially the youngest ones will be able to enjoy a real Christmas fairy tale in the Children's Village on Vladimir Nazor Square, which starts on December 18, with the arrival of Santa Claus, Santa Claus and elves. 

From November 27, 2021, the i Advent in Pisarovina where the inhabitants of the fairytale Krašograd, Bratina, are waiting for you with joy: with an ice fairy tale: a skating rink, a rich catering offer, all with imaginative Christmas decoration and a real traditional atmosphere. Experience Advent in nature, and surprises await you.

In the main town square picturesque Vrbovec a skating rink will be set up which will turn a stay here into a real winter fairy tale for children, and of course for adults. In addition to the skating rink, there is a rich gastronomic offer in restaurants every day as well as numerous events, mostly for children, such as various workshops, Santa Claus chats, plays, music programs, lantern release, St. Nicholas and Santa Claus, children's gifts, painting in a beautifully decorated environment, children's New Year's Eve and many other activities.

You will be able to skate in magic as well Dugo Selo. The skating rink will open its doors again this year, and the youngest will be able to spend this winter outdoors with a real holiday atmosphere and winter joys.

jaska is best known as a wine-growing region from which top wines come, some of the best on the Croatian wine list. But as winter is the time when the vineyards are dormant, it is best to sneak into wine cellars, cellars and tasting rooms and check in a glass how the harvest is held, with homemade snacks such as a warm slipper.

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The allure of a widely known old charmer Samobor it does not subside even in winter, on the contrary. In festive attire, the city shines and invites visitors to socialize, and the forests and mountains in the area are perfect resorts for lifting the mood and recreation in nature. If snow falls into the story, winter magic is guaranteed.

Increasingly popular and extremely attractive fairytale for tourists Holy Sunday, the youngest city in Zagreb County, surrounded by picturesque lakes and hills, whose winter attire captivates with its beauty and peace is a real gem that visitors are increasingly discovering and exploring its charm.

With all the above, do not forget that this county is also an ideal shopping destination. IN Rugvici holiday sales are waiting for you to choose the ideal gift for your loved ones and show them how much they mean to you. A little gift from the heart will show your love and bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones.  

- In the Zagreb County, the folk tradition is still alive and each region carefully nurtures its identity. Everything here smells of tradition, and this is especially evident in the old holiday customs, reminders of the true, original values ​​of Christmas, which unite the family and the local community. Advent in our county will be truly special this year and we invite you to spend the upcoming winter days in the air, because regardless of the type of recreation, such as skating or hiking, it can become an even more pleasant experience if combined with a visit to one of the surrounding rural households. idyllic nature.

Throughout the year, Zagreb County offers the enjoyment of natural, seasonal products in an authentic environment, in the best way - by supporting the local community and sustainable development. Customs are kept here, there are many traditional products, and we can also boast of several gastronomic products that are protected by a geographical indication and at the European level. With the arrival of winter, the green ring becomes a real Christmas fairy tale that smells of the tradition of our ancestors, which we carefully preserve for new generations, and proudly show to our dear guests. Welcome to Zagreb County, the invitation is to all people of good will signed by the team Zagreb County Tourist Board.

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