A traditional dish "Carp in forks" (Hungarian Csiptetős ponty) and a lesser known dish "Pike in uniform" (Hungarian: Mundéros csuka) originally from the village of Kopačevo, a settlement within the municipality of Bilje. How in that old fishing village, once upon a time, the locals were engaged in ribolto this, traditional fish dishes were created that were easy to prepare.

Since it was important for fishermen to be able to prepare their meal along the coast as easily and simply as possible, "Carp in a fork" was created, which required a processed branch in the shape of a fork, fish, salt, pepper and fire, and find the complete recipe HERE.

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In the same way, "Pike in uniform" needed a slightly differently processed branch, salt, spicy pepper, red onion and fire. Today, you can find Carp in forks in almost every restaurant, and Pike in a uniform are rarely told in the Tourist Board of Bilje, from which these old and original recipes come.

PIKE IN UNIFORM (word uniform comes from the name for the French military coat)

In this case, the pike does not need to be cleaned but remains in its "coat"


  • freshly caught pike
  • salt and ground pepper
  • Red onion

The whole uncleaned pike with entrails is pierced with a rod lengthwise to be stable, then that rod is driven into the ground by fire.

The pike is done in about an hour after which it is removed from the fire. It is cut along the spine and peels together with the head, intestines and skin (coat). Slightly dissolve and only now season with salt, ground Baranja pepper and red onion and cover again to allow the meat to absorb odors and flavors. 

Serve with one of the excellent Baranja wines.

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Good luck and come to Baranja to try pike on your uniform!

Photo and source: TZ Bilje

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