The seventh day Camino Krk is the most demanding route leading to the church of St. James

We visited Camino Krk and guided you through the texts from day to day on this interesting path or pilgrimage route of St. James, which we literally visited the island of Krk and got to know it in a completely different way. Over 150 kilometers of road Camino Krk will delight you and present you a completely different island and a story that is current 365 days a year, not just in season.

The Camino is a pilgrimage via St. James that is most popular in Spain, part of which is also protected by UNESCO. Croatia already has three Camino trails, and Camino Krk has come to life the most so far and pilgrims take this route every day.

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I have to admit that I am thrilled with the Camino on Krk and although I have walked the original Camino French route I admit that our Camino is definitely more beautiful and I hope that other Camino Junkies will discover it as people who simply adore the Camino. You already understood and I am one of them. The last day we were kind of sad too because our Camino story is coming to an end. We started from Baška where we were greeted by the director of the Baška Tourist Board Ivana Topić.

On the last, seventh day, along the long route 21,4 kilometers, the pilgrimage starts from Baška and ends in Kornić, and in order to lead the walkers to the final destination, the Krk route will also pass through Jurandvor, Batomalj and Punat. Following the fragments of the Glagolitic Trail of Baška, one arrives at one of the most famous island sites - Jurandvor, which guards the complex of the abbey of St. Lucy. The artifact for which the building became widely known, in 1851, was found in its interior. It is a stone cork of the altar partition in science known as the Baška tablet, otherwise one of the oldest monuments of Croatian history, more precisely literacy and statehood.

We arrived on the 170th anniversary of the discovery of the Baška tablet, which was an opportunity to talk and get acquainted in more detail with this most significant find in Croatian history. Watch the video in which the inscription on the Baška tablet was read in the original language, it was a special experience to hear.

From Jura's court, the pilgrimage turns in the west, ie the settlement of Batomalj, above which the largest diocesan Marian shrine towers, but also one of the oldest Croatian shrines in general. He came to meet us on the last day and guide us through the Camino Nikola Radovčić who is also in the Camino Krk story from its beginnings and he is the man who set the signs on the road.

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Nikola joined us and led us to Punat on the last day, patiently watching our torments on the ascent to the highest point of the island, which he reaches with his hands in his pockets. I believe we made him laugh, and we are grateful to him for changing the route for us a bit and showing us the best of the best of this most demanding part of the Camino Krk route.

We occasionally jumped on the scrapes like goats from stone to stone as our guide crossed it with such ease that we were simply jealous of his condition. The strenuous section certainly needs to be especially careful here and have the right footwear, because walking on cracks and climbing require the appropriate equipment, but also good condition. Prepare for this day and if you think you are not ready divide this route into two days to make the Camina finish easier.

Further ascent to the southwestern plateau will mark the encounter with the restored Lipica, but also the bare road to Obzova and Veli vrh, from which the islets of Košljun and Kornić are now clearly visible, indicating the direction in which the pilgrimage will continue to develop.

The settlement of Punat, the center of the municipality of the same name, is entered by a path enriched with the Stations of the Cross, with the proviso that in its urban part, next to the Toš Gallery and Stari Toš - the olive interpretation center, it is worth visiting the parish church of St. Trinity and the two votive churches of St. Roka na Placi and Sv. Nicholas of Buki.

The director of TZ Punat welcomed us upon arrival, and we recorded the video conversation the next day because we were in a hurry to arrive at Mass in the church of St. James the evening when our Camino ended. The morning after Camin we met Punat and the island of Košljun.

In front of Punat, in the heart of the picturesque bay - Puntarska draga, lies a real small spiritual oasis - the island of Košljun, which covers only 0,072 square kilometers, and to which boats transport interested pilgrims every day. Under the auspices of a lush forest of centuries-old holm oak and black ash, the Franciscan monastery with its richly equipped Renaissance Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary has found its place. Part of the monastery complex are also: a museum with rich ethnographic, archaeological and sacral material and a library with more than 30.000 titles.

It was special to find oneself in Sveti Jakov Street at the end of the Camina and everything somehow fell into place.

On the way to the last pilgrimage station, two more island sights follow: the archeological site in the Kanajt area and the remains of the three-leaf Romanesque church of St. Dunata. The end of the Krk Camino route is marked by the return to the area of ​​the City of Krk, and the last stop is the parish church of St. James the Apostle.

And so our Camino Krk ended in the best possible way with a Mass in the church of St. James where the pastor when he saw us and blessed us and gave us as a souvenir the image of St. James to accompany us on the way of life as he faithfully followed us on the Camino. The beautiful end of the road in front of the church we all hugged and I must admit there were tears, tears of joy because this Camino has enriched us and reminded us of what is important in life.

Only when you walk or make a pilgrimage do you actually get to know yourself, because it is necessary to leave everything in this busy world and stop for a moment. Think and get to know yourself and your path. The Camino is just such a path, a path into oneself and a path for oneself, but also a great religious experience. I would recommend at least one Camino to everyone in my life. And once you get going you will understand why. Everyone in life has to go through their Camino, one way or another. A week on Krk will be enough for you to get to know what it means to make a pilgrimage through St. James.

After walking the Camino, we headed to the Tourist Information Center of the city of Krk, from where we set off on our Camino adventure. There we showed our passports with all the stamps and received well-deserved Compostela confirmations that we had crossed the Camino Krk. This is officially the end of the Camino Krk route and the beginning of a new Camino adventure for all of us Camino Junkies.

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