A different Valentine's Day: Find out who is the king of the harem, whether the beaver has a lover and which bird takes care of several females at once

This weekend February 11 and 12 you are invited to walks in the nature of Gorski kotar to exercise and refresh yourself, and stories about love between animals will surely entertain you and warm your heart. Goranian foxes, licensed tourist guides from the agency Lynx and Fox have designed a special thematic tour "A different Valentine's Day" where they will introduce you to all the interesting things about the animal world of Gorski Kotar that are related to the topic of love on the occasion of the upcoming Valentine's Day.

Who are the family types in the animal kingdom? Who is the forest Sultan - the king of the harem? Doesn't the dove really have a lover? Which animals court each other every year to cement their relationship? What little bird is taking care of multiple nests and females at once? What happens when a group of females take advantage of a single male? Join and find out, because it will be interesting...

On Saturday 11.2. the tour will take place in an unexpected part of the famous Fužine: Preradović's peak and two lakes.  We will take you on a nice easy walk to a beautiful hill that will delight you with its simplicity and beauty when you look at Lake Bajer from a completely different perspective. For those who are a little more active, there is also a circuit across Lake Lepenice, and for those who have not been to the underground beauty of the Vrelo Cave, we have a ticket at a special favorable group price. After the tour, we suggest you stay in Fužine, because the gastronomic specialties of Goran cuisine are waiting for you to try them.

Sunday 12.2. also book to go to nature with us because we take you on a tour Japlenški peak and the wonderful valley of butterflies. It is a walk accompanied by interesting stories from the guide through a protected park forest on the slopes of which is the only ski jump in Croatia. We will also meet fallow deer, and then we will explore the paths along the Kupa and Kupica rivers to the fairy-tale river oases and the place Vilinski Gaj, where, according to legend, fairies used to gather. We must not forget to mention that we are waiting for an adventurous crossing over the suspension bridge and a tour of the wonderful permanent exhibition "Wildlife with a view of the sea" of the Natural History Museum in Kaštela Zrinski.

On both tours we were divided into "Team Lynx": Families with children aged 4+ who walk independently and can easily follow the group with regular breaks i "Team Fox": generally adults and families with older children who move completely at the pace of adults. The participation fee for adults is €12 and €6 for children, while the family fee for 2 adults and 2 children is €30, the third child is free. The registration fee includes: organization, guides and assistant guides if necessary, insurance against the consequences of an accident, morning socializing with a welcome - homemade liqueurs made from berries, herbs and roots for adults, cakes and warm homemade tea for all participants. 

Apply to participate via link after which all additional important information will arrive at your e-mail address.

It is important to note that the tours are not recommended for people who have serious health problems with movement. Sturdy and high-quality closed shoes (shoes or boots) with rubber ribbed soles that protect you from slipping and layered clothing are mandatory due to the changing temperatures in Gorski Kotar. Dogs of all types welcome! 

Do you have any questions? Feel free to leave them to us maila or call us at 091 / 182-9892. If you need to plan a trip or visit to Gorski Kotar for your group, association or company, we are here for you, and if you want to receive information about such interesting tours, sign up for our newsletter list.

Photographs: Lynx and Fox, Pixabay


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