Our daily bread - harvesting and threshing as in the past this weekend in Županja

First Saturday in July County is in the sign of harvest. If you visit this city on the banks of the Sava at that time, you will feel the richness of the Slavonic tradition and the deep respect of the local residents for the fertile plain that nourished them.

In addition to the most important work in the field, the harvest has been a symbol of well-being for Slavonians for centuries, along with socializing, singing and rich meals. Although machines have replaced reapers in the field today, and Županja lives a modern life, the manifestation "Our daily bread - harvest and threshing in the past" revives the beauty of ancient customs.

Our daily bread - harvesting and threshing in the past is a traditional manifestation that protects the old harvest from being forgotten customs of the Slavonic region. This year's event was announced for Saturday, July 1, 2023, at "Papushka's apartment" in Županja in the afternoon.

At Papuška's flat, at the foot of the Sava embankment, visitors will be able to experience a faithful representation of harvest customs from the beginning of the 20th century, when mowing was done by hand. As it happens in Slavonia, you will also enjoy the widely known Slavonian delicacies with a unique view of the field in which the music is being mown, then the grain is collected with sickles, tied into sheaves, put into carts and driven to the threshing floor.

Visitors themselves can roll up their sleeves and try their hand at harvesting, ride in a horse-drawn cart, sing along to the sounds of a tambourine or dance in a harvest wheel, look around antique machines, taste the rich Slavonian gastronomic offer and unforgettable plum wine, participate in games such as shooting gourds and throwing horseshoes , visit the fair with many exhibitors of Slavonian souvenirs, handicrafts, and enjoy the display of old crafts...

The elderly will remember their childhood and youth in Ravnica, and the young generation will learn how their ancestors with a lot of effort and hard work provided their families and the whole country with our daily bread.

Works in Slavonia always end as they began, with song and fellowship... join them and travel to the golden past of Slavonia.

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Photo: Franjo Škegro (Source TZ VSŽ)


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