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Advent in Croatia

It is loved by hikers, cyclists, lovers of active vacations and untouched nature. Papuk is a green oasis in the heart of Slavonia, one of the five mountains Požega-Slavonia County and a place for every recommendation if you want a vacation away from the crowds.

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Nature Park and UNESCO Geopark Papuk rightly bears the epithet of the most beautiful mountain in Slavonia, and we discover why it is one of its strongest assets.

For an active summer

Mountaineers, mountain bikers, free climbers know that there is a beautiful view from the peaks of Papuk... You don't need to be in top shape to walk along the forest trails and discover the remains of magnificent medieval cities and its rich flora and fauna on the outskirts of Papuk. The best way to start your adventure in slippers is from Velika, the official entrance to the Nature Park. It's there Adrenaline park Duboka with two polygons between the crowns. The one with 12 elements is for something more experienced, while the lower one with nine elements will not be missed by the kids.

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Photo: Borna Saturday

Swimming in a forest environment

Velika is also modern Aquapark Shhhuma, another attraction for all those for whom summer is synonymous with swimming. In the arms of Papuk on more than 17 square meters, six swimming pools await you, among them one of Olympic size, a water mushroom, slides, a slow river with a water bar, a children's water tower, a splash pad... So you can't go to Papuk without a bathing suit. 

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Photo: Borna Saturday

The Pannonian Sea used to be there

In the past, sharks, whales, dolphins, fur seals, rhinos lived in this area... It was more than 16 million years ago when Papuk was part of the Slavonian archipelago, an island in the Pannonian Sea. You will discover this beautiful story in Houses of the Pannonian Sea in Velika. There, children will play with sea sand on the interactive floor, try to find a way out of the green labyrinth, take photos with sharks or a rhinoceros...

Photo: Borna Saturday

An attractive wine destination

Wine lovers already know that vineyards with ambient wineries line the slopes of Papuk, creating tame Slavonian landscapes. The connection between the rich geological history of this mountain and the terroir is undeniable. This is confirmed not only by research, but also by world-class award-winning wines, and Kutjevo - the wine capital and the most famous vineyard of the Požega-Slavonska County is largely located on the slopes of Papuk. Some of the most famous names on the Croatian wine scene have vineyards in the wine-growing "grand cru" positions of Hrnjevac, Vetovo, Mitrovac....

///The link between the Kutjevac vineyard and the world-famous wine regions is one parallel

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For a harmonious, full and rounded taste

And on the slopes of Papuk, top-quality Graševina, the most widespread and sought-after variety in Croatia, is cultivated. Just in the Požega-Slavonia County it gives the best results and a wide range of wines - from light and fluffy sparkling wines, exceptionally fresh, powerful aged ones to characteristic oranges and honey predicates. Combining them with dishes from Slavonian cuisine is a special gourmet experience. A spicy appetizer with the indispensable kulen, a lighter fish menu or traditional spicy dishes such as fish and shepherd's pie, delicious sarma, meat specialties... and of course, the finest Slavonian desserts, together with selected graševine, will have a full, harmonious and rounded taste.

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Photo: Borna Saturday

The world of Graševina

As one of the most beautiful tourist attributes of Požega-Slavonia County, Papuk is part of the Graševina World. It is a unique project that combines wine tourism, rich cultural heritage, tradition and customs in an innovative way. As part of this project with a total value of 8.729.448,52 euros, the Bećarca Museum Interpretation Center was opened in Pleternica, the Spahian cellar in Pakrac was renovated and the Graševine House was built in Kutjevo. The importance of the World of Graševina was also recognized by the European Union, co-financing it with 7.364.375,34 euros from the European Fund for Regional Development through the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020.

///Explore the charms of the Graševina World - vineyards that tell stories

Požega-Slavonia wines
Photo: Borna Saturday

Photo source: Požega-Slavonia County Tourist Board


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