Photo safari and tangerine harvest enough invitation for a weekend in the Neretva Valley

Why should you go to the Neretva Valley? I will try to give very concrete answers. I suggest you an interesting route that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Photo safari

Photo safari along the Neretva delta is a unique tourist experience in which guests are transported by indigenous Neretva boats, some of which are old and 100 years, places once sailed by the Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, and Neretva pirates began attacks on enemy galleys. 

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So we sailed by boat and got to know the charms of one of the last wetlands on European soil, its flora and fauna, the diversity of birds and the traditional way of life.

Mandarin harvest

Golden Valley and Croatian California are common names for the Neretva Valley because of its extremely rich land and golden yellow mandarin fruits. So we stopped in the middle of the canal to visit an estate full of these sweet fruits. There was no end to our excitement, and as small children we happily picked until we filled the bags full of these wonderful fruits.

From mid-September until Christmas, you can experience this unique tourist event - Mandarin Harvest. We offer one-day, two-day or three-day excursions, from which, in addition to impressions, enjoying nature and exploring the towns located on the Neretva, you will return home with full bags of vitamin C, ideal for strengthening immunity before winter.

Gastro story of the Neretva

Tavern Neretva House - the queen in the heart of the swamp, a wonderful place that can be reached only by indigenous Neretva boats is part of the rounded tourist story Hotel Restaurant "Villa Neretva" - a favorite destination of many tourists that gives all its visitors a taste of pure pleasure Neretva.

For gourmets and lovers of healthy food, lunch at the Hotel Restaurant "Villa Neretva" or in the Tavern "Neretva House" is a special experience. In this prestigious Croatian restaurant, food and beverage lovers will enjoy indigenous Neretva delicacies (eel, frog legs) and a choice of Mediterranean and continental dishes.

Fish and meat "menu" is prepared according to the nuanced recipes of the house for which this restaurant is widely known. At your table, in addition to the main dishes, you will enjoy organically grown foods from local growers and family farms.

Therefore, do not hesitate but head to the golden valley of the Neretva!

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