Photos like from a fairy tale, and the fairy tale is never closer - a suggestion for the weekend that you can not refuse

Let’s start the story with photos…. scenes that enchant at first sight are right next to Zagreb. If you see yourself in these photos and want to be saved from the hot asphalt of the metropolis, you only need a little good will and only half an hour of travel time to the green destination.

Do you recognize these shots?

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Do you like excursions and weekends with a stay in nature?

Are you a fan of cycling, hiking, hiking or just relaxing easy walks in the shade?

If your answer is yes, go to the green living room in Zagreb. Whatever activity you like, you don't have to look further than Zagreb County, which offers a handful of opportunities for an exciting vacation in nature.

Want to climb the picturesque mountains that hide the old forts, smell the flowers and breathe with full lungs? Maybe you prefer to walk on the flat, along streams, through forests, intoxicated by the beauty of nature around you? Or is cycling your ideal vacation? What’s nicer than flying miles and miles on two wheels, standing in the most beautiful locations, and continuing on after an invigorating break. Not enough for you yet? Want to see the world from a bird's eye view and try paragliding? Do you love the view from the back of a horse? Do you know where the bearded saint is, why the elephant is on the coat of arms of Marija Gorica and where the carnivorous plant grows?

Only half an hour from Zagreb, this fairytale awaits you with a handful of opportunities for an active and adrenaline vacation in nature, which is best complemented by some fine indigenous food and top wines wine roads of Zagreb County.

Hiking is a hit

For all mountaineers, the real natural pearl is the Žumberak - Samoborsko gorje nature park, which is a great oasis of greenery for all mountaineers, walkers, climbers… The area of ​​the park is networked with about 350 kilometers of marked hiking trails that pass through its most beautiful and hidden areas. Will you head to the popular Japetic, or take the less visited path towards Sharp, explore the beautiful Plešivica, climb to Saint Ger and take a look at neighboring Slovenia, the choice is really not lacking. Within the nature park there are many valuable areas: protected landscapes Slapnica and Okić, special forest reserve Japetić, park-forest Tepec and Stražnik, natural monument Grgos Cave. If you are one of those who are more attracted to mastering high stone rocks than walking, then you are in the right place. Climbing Okić it is ideal for those who are just mastering climbing techniques and is often used as a training ground, and near the village of Gornji Terihaji it is arranged Terihaji climbing area. Walking, hiking, climbing, sightseeing of old towns, such as Okić and Lipovec, you can do it all in this area of ​​beautiful nature and rich flora and fauna.

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Walking or hiking

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If you prefer to walk on the flat and for you near Zagreb, there are landscaped promenades as created for enjoyment without too much effort. Shorter, longer, forest, mountain, instructive… Choice is progress. If you want to spend a day without a car, walk the educational trail A grove it is an ideal choice. The trail is about 9 kilometers long and connects the settlements of Krušak and Kozjača. A walk along its paths leads through the forest, forest slopes, meadows, and along the path there are information boards that tell about history Vukomerickih gorica, wooden construction, flora and fauna.

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If you go for a walk "The path of princes" within the Nature Park Žumberak - Samoborsko gorje you will find yourself on the way through the rich past, in the landscape that people have created and maintained for thousands of years living in harmony with nature.
Educational path in Žutica forest near Ivanić Grad consists of ten educational points, the length of the trail is about 2500 meters, and it starts at the place Pleso. It introduces you to the forest world, the greatest wealth of this area - from pedunculate oak, hornbeam to the floodplain forest of field ash. This small ecosystem is home to numerous plant and animal species, of which there are ten instructive points. A walk through Žutica fills not only the lungs but also the head with awareness of the importance of preserving the nature that surrounds us. And in the vicinity of Samobor, in Žumberak and in the area of ​​Sveta Nedelja, you will find many attractive trails for a pleasant day in nature.

Find a list of educational trails in Zagreb County HERE.

/// Take a walk along the educational trails of Zagreb County

Cycling the Green Ring

Relief Zagreb green ring it is diverse enough to provide different driving experiences, according to personal interests and preferences. To the west are hilly areas, but also lakes, and to the south and east we have forests and floodplains. Each of the micro-regions is dedicated to encouragement and development cycling tourism, so it offers more trails adapted to all types of cyclists, from adventurers who want more extreme riding to family hikers who like a slower pace.

Introduction Dugo Selo and the surroundings on a bicycle is a pleasant combination of easy city riding and pedaling through picturesque nature. A short Red Route leads from the city center to a popular picnic area Martin Breg, and the longer Blue Route will take you along the Posavina plain and the hills of the Dugo Selo area. Close to Ivanić-Grada i Kloštar Ivanić there are three well-marked cycling routes: Blue, Yellow and Orange. They are of different lengths and degrees of difficulty, and all have in common that they start from Ivanić-Grada, from where they take you through picturesque villages, fields, vineyards, forests and generally the tame and green Moslavina region.

Area Jastrebarskog offers numerous marked and unmarked trails, forest paths and roads. Everything is covered, from light rides on flat terrain to mountain biking on Japetić. An application is recommended Jaska Bike, which takes you through eight interesting routes, with a wealth of information. The path that connects the center Pisarovine with the river Kupa it passes on a flat asphalt road, it is undemanding and suitable for a family trip. The surroundings are full of marked cycling routes, and each one carries authentic stories about the natural beauties and heritage of Pisarovina: the Kupa Homeland Route, the Blueberry and Chapel Spring Route, the St. Vida, Ruta Titanic, Ruta “Od sela roda do sela roda” and Ruta konja i gljiva.

Seven bike routes around Samobor includes lighter, flat road paths, and demanding hills, and includes very attractive forest sections and a tour of more interesting locations: Veliki Dol, Oštrc, Grgosova špilja, Stari grad Okić, Žumberak Nature Park - Samobor Highlands, as well as other natural attractions and attractions, all the way to the ferry in Medsave. Driving on three mountain routes in the area Holy Sunday it is full of dynamics and impressions that picturesque landscapes will evoke in you. Natural beauties of Holy Sunday lakes, Sava river and Sava-Strmec Ornithological Reserve you can get to know it by an easy and pleasant ride on a trail suitable for all recreationists and for family excursions.

City Velika Gorica has a large network of hiking and biking trails, as well as the whole of Turopolje from Posavina to Vukomeričke gorice. With recreation you can get to know the natural beauties, cultural-historical and ethnological values ​​of Turopolje. The Red, Green and Brown routes offer something for everyone. Cycling paths along the hills of Zelina they cover a variety of terrain, from macadam roads perfect for mountain biking to paved roads for family excursions. On Kladešćici there is a downhill trail for extreme driving through the woods. They are also available Lonjska route i Wine route.


Do you just want to try riding or do you already know the magic of looking at the world from the back of a horse? In both cases, in Zagreb County you will find content to your liking. IN I'll squeeze is a famous equestrian club Trajbar team, where you can attend a riding school, ordinary or sports, and guides will be happy to take experienced ones on tours of the surrounding green hills. In the area of ​​the Sava-Sutla valley, trails and rest areas for horses and riders have been arranged, and trails for all levels of prior knowledge have also been arranged in the municipality of Orle.

Adrenaline fun

Japetic is a well-known destination for paragliding and if you have always wanted to see the world from a bird's eye view this is the ideal opportunity for you. It is one of the leading paintball destinations in the country Paintball park Sherwood Forest due to the diverse thematic terrain, the size of the complex and the experienced staff. In the area of ​​Ivanić-Grad, Izletište Petek and Hotel Sport offer a rich program for children and adults on their sports and recreational grounds, and there is also Cinelov the only movie theater in this part of Europe at almost 1000 square meters. Fishing enthusiasts will find their way to the lakes Rakitje, Orešje, Strmec and Kerestinec, and in Žumberak adrenaline park in which it is possible to try ziplines and numerous fun obstacles and challenges.

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Cover photo: Josip Škof

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