Pizza Festival: Good music, refreshing drinks and fragrant pizzas - a recipe for a great time

Delicious pizzas, great music and chilled drinks play a major role in the new gastronomic adventure that takes place from Thursday, 23.6. until Sunday, 3.7. held at Dr. Franjo Tuđman Square in Zagreb. The authors of Fuliranje and Burger Festival, the agency Kokoš ili jaje, are turning their long-standing fantasy into reality - Pizza Festival. Pizza enthusiasts gained their experience at food festivals in Croatia, but also across Europe. Fifteen different flavors of pizza, from Romana, Napoletana to Siciliana, are eagerly awaiting visitors to try them, love them and find their favorite flavor. 

Pizza Institute under the "artistic direction" of maestro Ivan Badžek and the firm hand of pizzaiolo Erik and creative Tomislav presents 5 flavors. Except classic and timeless MaMargherita, there are also Pepperone - spicy version with two types of sausages and chilli, pizzaiolo, then Veggie rhapsody of vegetable flavors, and White pizza with a lot of cheese and a micro beet by Sergej from Vesela hoe. 

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Picnic team comes with six types of pizza, and they are inspired by the cult Roman pizzas from the pizzerias Bonci and Antico Forno Roscioli. Beauties recognizable names: Furešta, Paška, Italian, Margherita, Istrian and Dalmatian, made from local and Italian ingredients, it will be a real challenge for gourmets, and great flavors and sales in decagrams will tickle many palates.  

Beg's Plant Based offers four original flavors of foods of exclusively plant origin. For the first time, visitors will be able to taste plant-based salmon, four types of cheese and minced meat in reduced vermouth. There are also several cocktails such as Grande Espresso Martini and the summer version of the hit from Fuliranje - Kai Chai, and for the first time a rich selection of biodynamic wines from all over Europe.

The "Mafia" arrives at the Festival, headed by Capo di tutti Capi - Marin Medak, directly from Rouge Marina. They bring the scents and flavors of their "end". They prepare various variants of Sicilian pizza with very colorful names: - Palermo, Capo di tutti Capi, Cosa Nostra, Racket Pizzo and Familia - lick your fingers'.

Desserts of summer flavors and aromas come from the "sweet laboratory" of Robert Hromalić Le Cake. Two of them, toasted ice cream and Crepes Suzette, evoke a feeling of complete joy at the first bite. 

If you are wondering how to satisfy your current passions, look for the answer at the Wine Bar, with selected wines from the Šoškić winery, or stop by Gingle Bells for a cocktail by G3 Spirits. Maybe the Brandy Shop will be your choice, because Designer Outlet Croatia donates with every cocktail purchased at this Day Discount Card house with an additional 10% discount on already reduced outlet prices. Basically, there won't be any and it's ready - Staropramen's ice drops, while fans of non-alcoholic bubbles will find Coca-Cola and Jamnica. But that's not all, the team in Aperol's vehicle will welcome you with refreshing drinks in the color of summer.

Our DJs will be the point at i. The legendary Robert Mareković introduces us to an eleven-day music marathon with his distinctive rhythms of swing, rock & roll and twist. On Friday, the DJ desk will be taken over by Ozren Kanceljak Kanca, and on weekends by Stanko Bondža and William Collins. At the end of the week we are introduced by DJ Mathiia, DJ Patrik and DJ Dadoo, DJ Hrwoe and Bocca Sofistifunk, and the Festival closes Jazzozo with its jazz, funk, disco and house rhythms.

On Saturday 25.6 famous influencer Dorica 505 will walk through the Pizza Festival and choose the bestbolji summer outfit and reward him with a gift card Designer Outlet Croatia, in the amount of 1000 kn. Do you want to spend Sunday afternoons in a creative way and 26.6 from 18 to 20.30 pm to paint pizza and sip wine and it is possible. Art Bottega invites you to the Pineli & Wine event, and see more information at LINK.

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For the first time in Croatia, it is possible to order and pay via smartphones by scanning the QR code. After the order, a message with the status arrives, and soon other information about the order is ready to be downloaded. No more waiting in line and jumping on your toes, but feasting with the team, paying with your mobile wallet and picking up your order when you receive a notification. This digital ordering and payment option is called RO Rabbit, and it was provided to the Festival by the Croatian-American start-up RoomOrders Inc. Classics will still be able to pay in cash, cards are also welcome, but QR codes, displayed throughout the Festival, as well as on hostess T-shirts, will be the fastest and most effective solution. 

Photos: Sandro Sklepić

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