PlantOn - Garden in the palm of your hand - fresh vegetables from Slavonian and Baranja gardens in the palm of your hand

In the desire to preserve the fertile Slavonian fields, two friends, Goran Markovanovic i Mario Salai they devised an application PlantOn, which provides small family farms with a safe and decent life, and customers with quality and healthy vegetables. The user of the application is directly connected with the producer, from whom he rented the garden, and who grows vegetables for him and sends him all the crops from that garden to his home address.

By paying for the service, which includes all the costs of garden maintenance, the buyer provides farmers with a fixed monthly income throughout the year, and the family no longer has to worry about the placement and sale of their vegetables. All field activities are available to garden tenants via the PlantOn app so they can see their garden at any time. In this way, the customer gets healthy, locally grown foods, which he knows exactly how they are grown. Delivery of fresh vegetables from Slavonian and Baranja gardens is possible to all parts of Croatia.

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“PlantOn the app also opens up new employment opportunities for local farmers, and better quality control and product quantity planning reduces the risk of overproduction, unnecessary production and food waste. When renting the garden and at the beginning of planting, the crop is already fully sold, which provides family farms with security and additional motivation, and direct delivery ensures better hygiene and freshness of vegetables. The PlantOn system allows income to be kept in the hands of "small" people, which will retain purchasing power and improve the economy of rural parts of Croatia. " emphasized Goran Markovanović, one of the authors of the project. 

On the website it is possible to choose one of three packages, depending on the needs - Family (eight types of vegetables), Custom (the buyer chooses the culture) or Business intended only for business entities (on large areas with the cultivation of crops of choice). While the first two are interesting to private users, the third package is suitable for businesses, such as restaurants and hotels. If one person’s garden is too big to rent, they can team up with friends and share the cost. In the family package, the producer is obliged to grow eight types of crops on one plot, but the authors of the project encourage producers to pick up the crew and additional types of vegetables, so that the customer is satisfied and continues to use the service.  

In addition to growing vegetables, the app also offers seasonal nutrition tips and recipes. PlantOn is the future on which agricultural production and the development of new technologies will be based. 

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