Plešivica, a paradise only thirty kilometers from the metropolis, an ideal weekend destination

Do you want to rest? Have fun and still not spend hours traveling to your destination? Do you know that it is only about thirty kilometers from Zagreb? Jastrebarsko, popularly called Jaska, with about 15 thousand inhabitants. Jastrebarsko and its surroundings are a favorite picnic area of ​​Zagreb and you are guaranteed to fall in love with the magical landscapes, wine-growing hills, nature reserves and numerous cultural and historical monuments of this magical place. There are several in the vicinity of Jastrebarsko attractive excursion destinations: Crna Mlaka Ornithological Reserve, Plešivica Wine Road and the highest peak of Samoborska gora - Japetić.

This picturesque area is not only visited for wine - wine roads can be well combined with hiking and biking trails, and this is where it passes Cheese Road Zagreb region. You will often see it in the air on the Plešivica hills hawks, which were bred for hunting in the Middle Ages, so the town of Jastrebarsko, at the foot of Plešivica, was named after them. The site of a long history for hundreds of years is the natural center of this area and the starting point for trips around the area.

Plan for a great weekend

Start your morning with a beautiful walk the park of Erdödy Castle while the first autumn leaves fall and enjoy the perfect colors of this fairytale castle. The influence of the noble Erdödy family has left a big mark, both economically and culturally, on this small picturesque place where they ruled for over 400 years. It stretches along the castle old city park, which has been declared a horticultural monument.

A visit will be interesting for wine lovers cooperage collection of the Golub family full of old photographs of the traditional way of making barrels and wooden utensils used in the process of wine production. The collection was received from the Ministry of Culture in 2014 status of a cultural asset of the Republic of Croatia.

It is interesting to mention that it takes up to 11 hours of work to make just one barrel. This small manufactory produces all barrels from Croatian pedunculate oak and sessile oak wines stored in their barrels they get completely indigenous taste. They speak best about quality and top workmanship cellars of top wineries from the wine-growing area of ​​Plešivica, Zagorje, around Zagreb, but often also those in America, Italy, Montenegro and Herzegovina.

Plešivica or the Croatian Champagne region

Only seven kilometers away from Jaska, it stretches Plešivica. Although the smallest wine region in Croatia, the southern slopes of Plešivica are one of our most famous and most successful vineyards, with a tradition of growing vines that is measured not in centuries, but in millennia.

Winemaking it has a long tradition here, and the vineyard landscape, sunny slopes and quality varieties of wine that are nurtured, as well as the knowledge and experience of winegrowers and winemakers, guarantee a truly noble drop. Famous and esteemed wines come out of the Plešivica cellars: Graševina, Rhine Riesling, Traminer, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and another, and more and more cherished and young Portuguese wine.

That is why it is not surprising that Plešivica is known for its wine festivities rural and weekend tourism. Plešivica is also a region with some of the best sparkling wines in Croatia. Anyone who once heads to this area, also known as Croatian Champagne region, will surely return to him for years to come, just as members of the world jet set from the beginning of the 20th century returned to the glass of the Portuguese. Charlie Chaplin and Isadora Duncan.

Great dishes with a fairytale view

Along the wine road, many wineries offer food in addition to tasting by arrangement, so gastro lovers must definitely go on a tour Robert Braje's Viticulture and Enology where they will have an expert presentation of local gastronomic products, specialties and wines.

Be sure to try the indigenous local specialty Plešivica copanjek - salty cake made of fresh cow's cheese and nettle.

Try all the richness of Plešivica winemakers and sparkling wines in top wineries Jagunić, Kolarić, Kurtalj and Ivančić, and you may be surprised, be sure not to miss a visit to the trout farm “Sparrow ponds” in the Žumberak Nature Park.

Wine tradition of Jaska families Tomac, Šember and Korak it is widely known. Thanks to their efforts and their excellent wines, Plešivica has today established itself as a serious wine region that produces two demanding types wines - sparkling wine and natural wines.

Plešivica tradition and creative high kitchen with copyright they meet at the signature restaurant within the winery Step where the main word is led by a young culinary virtuoso, Bernard Step. Every day, the beauty of the untouched nature of Plešivica becomes the perfect backdrop and inspiration for many of his culinary endeavors. Bernard Korak uses only seasonal ingredients which allows him to offer food “Directly from the field to the plate” for with Bernard an unwritten rule applies; if it’s not in season, it’s not even on the table.


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