Promotion of books as an incentive to create tourist arrangements with an emphasis on cultural and pilgrimage routes (routes)

The promotion of books, a respected author and versatile priest, Fr. Vlado Lončar in Zagreb, is an exceptional occasion for another May blog, inspired by the pilgrimage and valorization of cultural and natural heritage of the Dinaric Alps, but also reminding residents of the Croatian capital of the sources of their identity.

THE DICTIONARY OF MY CHILDHOOD or THE DICTIONARY OF THE IDIOM OF MY HOMELAND, as a reminder of the idioms of the Posusje region, where the author comes from, and a collection of poems, inspired by the natural Croatian heritage: ABOUT THE SEA AND WATERS, which was presented last week at the monastery of the Herzegovinian Franciscan Province in Dubrava, Zagreb, began with a friendly agreement in Humac near Ljubuški, which the signatory often visits seeking inspiration but also a curious questioning of his own identity, which can be valorized for tourism.

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And the meeting with the vital Franciscans who are bravely stepping towards the next centuries of their earthly life, including the author of the mentioned books, and the hesitant request to join him on the way to the metropolis, boosted my blood circulation and tourist adrenaline.

We quickly arranged an itinerary with the departure plan, the day before, ie on May 18, on the old road through Gorica, Imotski, Sinj, Udbina, Plitvice, so that we could start the promotion a day later. Our return is defined by a similar route, so we set off on May 20, but through Lika, Maslenica, Ravni kotari, Biograd, Trogir, and through Tinov grad - Vrgorac, as well as the medieval Hum parish - Rastoke, to the town at the foot of Jurjevica which is identity marked Ljubusa, an enchanting Florentine, who split the family idyll of the stubborn and timid Duke Stipan.

The first stop was at the famous Sinj family Zorica and Vučković, who, in addition to catering, also groom Alkar horses, but which also produced multiple Alkar winners.

This was followed by a passage through the royal town of Knin, which, along with the famous old town, where after Operation Storm waved probably the most important Croatian flag, which is adorned with a magnificent waterfall from the travertine river Krka, which is a unique tourist destination…

We also used lunch time for gastronomic pleasure, in Lika delicacies and Velebit beer near Gračac, which until the passage of the highway was the main gastro-stop on the way from the continent to the Adriatic.

After a short drive we stopped again, this time above Krbavsko polje in Udbina, which is adorned with an extremely valuable spiritual center with the Church of the CROATIAN MARTYRS and the memorial of St. Anti which is simbolconnection with the parish of Humac near Ljubuški.

With the hospitality of the domicile pastor, we carefully toured the impressive architectural edifice inspired by the church of St. Cross in Nin, and Višeslav's baptistery in its center. Then the exchange of books with an agreement for a new pilgrimage visit, which includes a return of hospitality, was a sign of mutual respect and spiritual and cultural rapprochement…

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Passing through the impressive Plitvice Lakes adorned with lakes and majestic waterfalls, we briefly stopped at the monument to the first victim of the Homeland War - Knight Josip Jovic and comments about the place, and the way the Croatian police clashed with the rebels, also known as Bloody Easter 1991.

We also commented on interesting buildings with a tourist and catering offer of one of the most attractive destinations in mainland Croatia, which flows through the impressive Korana River, which will welcome the Cup in Karlovac and end with the Sava across the Danube in the Black Sea. . We also touched on the possible place of origin of the Croats, right from the shores of this sea.

A warm welcome at the Franciscan Monastery gave the impression that we will have an interesting and pleasant gathering in the coming days of our stay in Zagreb.

Arriving in Zagreb, while Fr. Vlado and his confreres agreed on the technical details of the Promotion of these books, I used every moment to learn some interesting details of Franciscan life which, in addition to educating young future priests, take special care of bolesnicima in the nearby bolnici.

And especially interesting was the meeting with the Franciscan, also born Posušak, who, in addition to spiritual missionary work, is adorned with a penchant for pilgrimage and travel reports, the former Franciscan mission in Austria - in Frohnleiten; Here, Fr. Šime Oreč used it to publish a book in which he describes the traces of his travels or pilgrimages around the world, in German, so we hope that it will inspire not only lovers of the written word, but also potential tourists to visit our the ends he so enchantingly describes.

The usual beginning of every human work, even here at the Presentation of Fr. Government Books, began with the invocation of God's blessing in the domicile monastery, a blessing performed by the Guardian Fr. Svetozar Kraljević, and invited - strengthening, but also caution due to the still present crown.

A well-filled hall, interesting promoters or presenters, as well as witty comments marked this purposeful and pleasant gathering of the Dinaric Croatian people, who the whole world inhabits but does not displace itself.

Professional presentation of books, or reviews, musical atmosphere of the young theologian with guitar and his magnificent voice, and gastro-delicacies pampered many palates, but also the souls of those present, and provided local friars and Fr. Government with fine epithets and gratitude for exceptional cultural event and achievements , and gave the audience a chance to think: how to put talents in God's service, but also in human service.

Plans for a new gathering, which would include pilgrimage and cultural routes from the metropolis to the homeland, and vice versa, are certainly encouraging, and they would certainly be the mostbolThe fruits of this exceptional event, as well as the opportunity for younger generations to draw inspiration for all human, spiritual, cultural and even business activities from the rich Croatian natural and cultural heritage, but also the Dinaric man who has the knowledge and desire to present them to others. the world. 

And the example of Fr. Vlade, his colleagues and confreres clearly shows this, so they should be followed.

Photos: Marinko Brkić

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