Renaissance Festival 2021 - workshops of old crafts with the aim of preserving skills

The Tourist Board of the city of Koprivnica is a leader in the revival and tourist use of old crafts in Croatia. Old crafts are one of the biggest attractions of the Renaissance Festival event, which takes place this year from 19 to 22 August.

As the organizers of the festival point out in recent years, there is an obvious trend of disappearance of traditional crafts, and it is related to the age of the bearers of these rare skills. Therefore, the decision was made to launch free trainings for those interested, especially young people, who will want to learn and present these almost extinct, but extremely attractive skills. Those interested can apply for the workshops old trades - wheelwright, cooper, basket maker, gold washer and roofer with straw. The workshops will consist mainly of a practical part - examples of good practice and a basic theoretical part, and almost the last masters of these crafts from Northern Croatia will transfer their skills.

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After the training, participants will be involved in the activities of the Tourist Board of Koprivnica and Central Podravina, based on the preservation of cultural heritage and history through events and will be able to offer their own arrangements in cooperation with travel agencies. The workshops are announced for June in accordance with the easing of epidemiological measures and will last from 3-5 days depending on the type of workshop, all those interested in education in old crafts can contact the Tourist Board of Koprivnica.

Nettle beer and knight tournaments

Otherwise, the Renaissance Festival is held on the remains of Koprivnica's city walls and bears the title Mostbolis a tourist event of Croatia 2019/2020. This festival will take you back to long-gone times of the Middle Ages. The festival brings together over 1.300 costumed participants from about 15 European countries who faithfully evoke late medieval life through knightly tournaments and horse fights, fencing, the largest fair of old crafts, the largest and most unique wooden maze, medieval music and entertainers. The eno and gastronomic offer is also interesting because only here you can try beer made of nettle, mead, capon, pheasant or boar in a medieval way.

At this event, the use of plastic was completely banned several years ago, so all dishes are prepared on the spot in clay or wooden pots exclusively according to medieval recipes with additives. nettles - a unique plant to which Koprivnica owes its name.

Every detail of the event vividly evokes the authenticity of the Middle Ages, thus providing a unique experience for each visitor. By interacting with historical figures like brave knights, ladies, old crafts, beggars, lepers, court lunatics, executioners and others provides a truly unique, attractive and fun return to history!

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