Rural oases of Srijem and Slavonia

Those who choose a holiday on one of the farms of Srijem and Slavonia will discover the beauty of tradition, enjoy socializing with the hosts, eat well, breathe fresh air, and return home charged with batteries and experiences they will remember for a long time. You will not believe what the plain is hiding.

Peasant household Janković in Vrbanja

Relax in a two-room apartment with the possibility of using the service of food, drinks and beverages from our own production. If you are looking for recreation, you will be able to enjoy horseback riding.

Family farm Darko Juzbašić - Matkova pecara in Bosniaks

Taste plum brandies, quince, cider, elderberry, quince, cherry and walnut fruit liqueurs. The Juzbašić family also offers accommodation in a beautifully restored old house with an authentic courtyard.

OPG Šarčević in Bosniaks

Taste plum brandy and fruit liqueurs made of walnuts, cherries, hawthorn, pomegranate, quince and elderberry in the real Šokac ambience in Bošnjaci on the property of the Šarčević family.

Acin farm in Tordinci

Peek through the gate of Aca's farm where everything smells like tradition. It is a place that exudes the past: sleeping in wooden, traditional houses, in rooms decorated the way our grandmothers did. You can see domestic animals, ride horses or enjoy a carriage ride.

Family farm Darko Juzbašić - Matkova pecara

It is known for the production of brandy, which extends in the Juzbašić family throughout the century. In the tasting room, which is decorated in an old-fashioned style, you can taste plum brandy, quince, cider, elderberry, quince, cherry and walnut fruit liqueurs.

The Juzbašić family also offers accommodation in a beautifully restored old house with authentic furniture.

Snaša's housekeepers in Gradište

One of the oldest in the village, older than 150 years, so it can be said that Snaša's housewives are a kind of museum of Gradište. Relax in this beautiful house, taste local cuisine, and the hostess will show you how weaving used to be on the loom and the colorful zucchini in the yard.

Holiday house Nadj in Orolik

In addition to sleeping accommodation, try a variety of activities, from traditional pig slaughter to brandy roasting.

Fisherman's house in Ilok

In a natural and peaceful environment in an area with a local old name, renovated typical Srijem house, located near the banks of the Danube. There is also a tasting room for sparkling wines, wine and grape products called "Sources of Life", OPG Domagoj Zelenika.

Holiday house Weinrauch in Ilok

A specific and authentic Ilok house of the bourgeois type in which the Weinrauch family lived in the last century, preserved interior and exterior adapted for a special experience and stay. Anyone who loves a sleek, slightly nostalgic vintage style will not make a mistake by choosing the Weinrauch house, but all casual travelers will surely feel the authentic spirit of the past and during their stay comfortably settle in an environment that relaxes from everyday life.

Country house Maras in Marinci

A rural holiday home, a space where dreams come true. See for yourself and visit this beautiful house. The reason why it is worth coming here is the idyllic view of the golden class of grain, sunflower, corn and rapeseed, which is certainly a lure for lovers of painting or cycling on many paths.

Traveling through the places of Srijem and Slavonia, ambient places and villages will line up in front of you. Do not rush, stop and listen.

Photos and source: Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board


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