Seven holiday homes with a story in Varaždin County that you must visit

In recent years, the north of Croatia has become increasingly interesting for tourists eager to discover nature, customs and people, enjoy the original dishes, smells, enjoy the time and peace and direct contact with the hosts.

In order to offer the demanding market the best possible and different experience, Varaždin County Tourist Board launched the project "Holiday houses with a story". The main goal of the project is to develop the tourist offer in the rural area and increase the number of accommodation facilities with diversification based on cultural and historical tradition and raising quality. So far, a total of people have joined the project 45 the holder of the standard shouldbolaccommodation in the County, and the vision of the project is to create a brand that will be directly related to Varaždin County.

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Let the place of your vacation be in the "House with a story" which bears a quality label, where you will find accommodation of your choice. Just as our region is different, so are the different stories told through the architecture, objects, experience and atmosphere of each “Holiday Home with a Story”.

We have selected seven that when you see you simply want to stay forever. We already see each other in each of them. And you? Choose the bestbolit for yourself and enjoy the greenery and peace that only the continent can provide. Stress free zone guaranteed.

Moments pool house

The fairytale castle and magical nature were already an inspiration to its owners, admirers of true artistic beauty, who created in this Arcadian region - art. The Drašković family in Trakošćan shaped their aesthetic interest in various forms, as pioneers of photography or talented painters, such as Count Juraj VI. Drašković or Julijana Erdödy Drašković, as patrons of our culture and luminaries of art. This house is something mostbolis what we saw and if you want to afford a vacation overlooking the castle and pool in the living room then hurry because the interest is very high and you have to be fast. If we have to describe this house in one sentence then let it be this - When imagination becomes reality! And now open your eyes and imagine yourself in these photos - the whole gallery on LINK.

Log cabin Noah - a wonderful place over which the clouds break

From the lookout of this wooden house, ingeniously decorated to provide fullness of comfort and highlight the magnificence of the local nature, the experience of the end becomes even more intense. Everything is more impressive. The view from the heights of the green valley remains in lasting memory. The place where the clouds break provides a special experience, a unique experience for the guests of this beautiful house on the slopes of Grebengrad and a truly fantastically beautiful vacation in beautiful nature. The entire photo gallery of the house is on LINK.

Top Hill Nest

Falinić Breg in free translation means "hill on which nothing is missing" ("nothing is missing"). The Alps end somewhere here and the Pannonian Plain begins, so you can see the hills in Slovenia and the fertile Pannonian Plain all the way to Međimurje.

Imagine yourself on a pleasant terrace, in a silence interrupted only by the sounds of nature, with a glass of drink and the light of the stars, and your gaze and thoughts wander freely. You really don't need anything else. Find a photo gallery of the house HERE.

Countryhouse estate SINGERS

Times have changed, alarm clocks have replaced the first roosters in their age-old task, croaking is gone. High on the roof, only a red brick rooster remained, as a reminder of the time when the crowing of roosters echoed from this hill, after which the property got its name - Pijevci.

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What does this dream property look like for your ideal vacation away from the crowds, concrete and noise, other than the one from the crowing of singers for good morning, find on LINK in a detailed photo gallery.

Hazel house

Guests of this beautiful wooden house will be greeted by a crunchy surprise, a real treasure and a source of health in the shell, delicious hazelnuts planted around - homemade hazelnuts. Sails, aromatic fruits awaken the mood, give new energy, preserve health. Thanks to them, the dishes will be even tastier, the smells and tastes even more intense, sweeter and more tempting. And how the hazelnut house looks from the inside look at LINK.

You have to admit that the name of the house already calls for a visit and exploration of the surroundings and the property itself.

Eco Fairy Tale

Everything is in harmony with nature, every grass is respected and nurtured there. The small house, comfortably and picturesquely furnished, is surrounded by a large garden and orchard. You can enjoy the garden, but also learn, because the hosts have described each flower. At the end of the garden there is a lake where birds nest and where frogs sing happily. This eco oasis invites you to enjoy and smells like the perfect weekend. Take a peek at the photo gallery and explore every corner of this fairy tale at LINK.

When you explore the property, you will find an interesting exploration of the surroundings: from the hiking trails through the castle of Trakošćan and Lepoglava and Bednja to the city of Varaždin.

 Rural holiday house Domus Antiqua

The memory here dates back to antiquity, to prehistoric times when ancient relatives found a home in a hidden cave. This treasury of extinct human species possibly hides the secret of evolutionary genetics and precious records of our primordial connection to the prehistoric people who lived here in the distant past. The beauty of this landscape captivates and fascinates, offers itself to every view, provides pliable material and inspiration to original artists, such as the host Domus Antique, a holiday home where visitors will experience the idyllic atmosphere of the fruit area. Find the link to the photo gallery inside and outside of this ideal house for exploring history, culture and enjoying real authentic stories HERE.

These seven houses are part of the offer of holiday homes with a story, and the entire offer of houses for your ideal vacation on the continent in green Croatia can be found on the website MyVarazdinHoliday.

The content is provided by the Tourist Stories portal in cooperation with the Varaždin County Tourist Board and in accordance with the highest professional standards.

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