Slavonia Wine Christmas Party confirmed the status of Slavonia as one of the most attractive wine regions

Kutjevac cellar from 1232. it is the oldest in this part of Europe, the one in Belje is the biggest, from the cellars of the Odescalchi family in Ilok the first packaged wines were marketed in Europe, in Erdut is one of the largest barrels in the world which is still in use, there is also the largest plantation vineyard in Croatia, and wine lovers and experts know that better graševins none of those in Slavonia and Danube.

Slavonia Wine Christmas Party, wines from Slavonia, baranja and srijema, Slavonian wines
Photo: Anto Magzan

In recent decades, Slavonian winemakers have won numerous awards for top-quality red wines, especially for excellent Frankovka, but also for Cabernet Sauvignon.

How are the wines from this part of Croatia perfect accompaniment to both finger food and spicy more specific dishes, as well as with traditional, but also modern desserts, he confirmed Slavonia Wine Christmas Party held at the Mövenpick Hotel Zagreb, which brought together wine lovers and friends of this part of Croatia.

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Photo: Anto Magzan

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Historic wineries and wine festivals

Organized by five regional tourist boards gathered in Slavonia cluster they introduced themselves at the party in Zagreb wines from Virovitica to Ilok. The wide spectrum of primarily Graševin - from sparkling wines to predicates, but also the presentation of black Slavonia with excellent complex, harmonious, delicious wines, confirm the great leap forward of the eastern part of Croatia and invite you to explore top flavors in modern boutique wineries, as well as century-old cellars.

directors of tourism boards of Slavonia
The directors of the county tourist boards of Slavonia – Majda Jakša, Maja Jakobović, Martina Jakelić, Ružica Vidaković and Ivana Jurić, photo: Anto Magzan

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Historical cellars are the specificity of Slavonia and Danube and are a great basis for wine tourism that connects cultural heritage, wine and gastronomy, and there are also numerous wine festivals such as WineOs which takes place at the beginning of January in Osijek, Slavonia and Podravina, wine not!? in the Virovitica-Podravine County, Graševina Festival in Kutjevo, Traminca Festival in Ilok, Sunset in the vineyard in Brodski Stupnik or Evenings of wine and art in Osijek...

vino antunović
Photo: Anto Magzan

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- You just have to dare, we suggest that you give yourself the opportunity for a special vacation and new discoveries. Those who have never been will surely return after their first visit to Slavonia. Slavonia - it has no equal, she ordered Ivana Jurić, head of Cluster Slavonija and director of the Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board.

The famous Croatian sommelier Mario Meštrović commented on exceptional wines, especially Graševina.

Slavonia Wine Christmas Party
Ivana Jurić and Mario Meštrović, photo: Anto Magzan

- In addition to the fact that Graševina in Slavonia has standardized excellence in production and gives excellent results in all styles of wine, the grapes do not accumulate high acids so that the wines are drinkable, floral and fruity with a pleasant varietal bitterness on the finish. Also, with global warming, we have full, creamy Graševina wines that are great companions not only for Slavonian dishes.


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