Sounds from the Island: Sounds of the island in the spectacular Obonjan amphitheater

This summer will show that unusual places can become even more special the island of Obonjan where a unique musical spectacle is being prepared - Sounds of the Island/Sounds from the Island. It is a project that aims to bring the sound of European and world metropolises closer to the residents of Šibenik and their guests, as well as to the local population.

This honor was given to musicians from the brand Soul Shadows Tantriq. We are talking about the best European soul-funkers from Amsterdam and Zagreb, led by frontman Mirzo Tetarić. The band members are residents of Amsterdam's Bourbon Street Club, through whose stages almost all the greatest musicians of the 20th century have passed. The musicians from Soul Shadows Tantriq have shared the stage with almost all of them - Rolling Stones, Prince, Sting, BB King, ZZ Top, Joss Stone, and lately with Mario Biondi, Beyonce, Smoove&Turrell...

A unique concert is scheduled for July 15st, and will be even more authentic thanks to the great location; the spectacular Obonjan amphitheater.

- Along with the clear sea, the combination of nature and the sea, the islands are certainly something that makes us unique in the world. After all, we have over a thousand of them and each of them has its own special story. That's why, year after year, they attract many tourists from all over the world with their architecture and "relaxed" way of life. Guided by this, we decided to send the most beautiful postcard to the world, but, of course, with music because it is always the one that brings us together and connects us, no matter what language we speak or what country we come from. Our musicians always strive for interesting places for their performances, and the beauty and splendor of Obonjan is definitely a scenery to be desired - he ordered Goran Artifice, creative director of the "Sounds of the Island" project

The project 'Sounds of the Island' connects the island and the city

The organizer's wish is to bring the island closer to the city, not only for the people of Šibenik, but also for their guests. It can be a great choice for residents getaway, in which they don't have to 'pull' far, and they will still get that desirable feeling of being away from the city, its summer bustle and hustle and bustle. For tourists, an event like this, as well as discovering Obonjan as a place for an excursion, is a fantastic thing, because this gives their vacation another added value.

- We invite the people of Šibenik and our guests to visit Obonjan in an organized manner for the first time, after a long time, with the entertainment of a top band and DJ. Cooperation includes two-way communication with the island, because until now Obonjan was a private island closed to the public. We want guests Scented they also enjoy Šibenik, and that there is an excursion to the island organized from Šibenik, i.e. that it becomes an island of the Šibenik archipelago in the full sense of the word, they say from TZ Šibenik.

A musical spectacle with a special guest

Earlier we mentioned 'added value', and the Obonja concert has its own, thanks to a special guest from the Netherlands - DJ TO THE MASTER. The world's best jazz-soul DJ has been an indispensable part of soul-jazz-funk music in the world for years, and he can boast of being the only DJ who got the rights to remix Nina Simone's entire album, Little Girl Blue. At the Obonja spectacle, he will play the role of a conductor and, together with the band Soul Shadows Tantriq, will present to the audience a cross-section of music throughout the 20th century.

So, everyone who wants musical spectacles, but also a little escape from everyday life, should mark Saturday, July 15 in their calendars - along with the incredible nature of the beautiful Obonjan, they will now be able to enjoy world-quality soul with a European signature.

Photo and source: PR


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