One of the most healing thermo-mineral waters in Europe is located in Sveti Martin na Muri

For more than 100 years, the thermal mineral water of Terme Sveti Martin has been used for the purpose of improving health. Once accessible only through a well, today it is available to all who visit the Spa in the far north of our beautiful country in Sveti Martin na Muri. We checked what one of the most healing and high-quality thermo-mineral waters in Europe looks and works like, which according to the analysis of the water in this spa is more than 43.000 years old.

More than 100 years of tradition

Thermomineral water brings riches from the depths and conveys the love of Mother Nature with its warmth and healing minerals. This extremely rich thermo-mineral water of high mineralization has been known since 1913, when the Anglo-Hungarian company London-Budapest conducted research and drilling in search of oil, but instead of oil, thermo-mineral water originated! Water is pumped from two wells today, along with the one from 1913. The second well was drilled in 2014.

Pannonian Sea

Today, there are remnants of the Pannonian Sea that tell us about that period of the Earth’s ancient past, but they also bring us scientific data on the many changes that have taken place in the past. The Pannonian Sea covered a part of Central Europe, including most of today's Međimurje, where these spas are located. Numerous natural resources of Međimurje from oil fields, sources of medicinal thermonineral water so far as coal mines exist precisely thanks to the existence of the Pannonian Sea tens of millions of years ago.

Concept and architecture

In accordance with the holistic philosophy in which the mind, soul and body must be in balance to maintain health arose the concept of the Temple of Life. The concept intertwines authentic local elements and parts of the anthroposophical philosophy he invented Rudolf Steiner s LifeClass a philosophy that inspires a quality life combining health and pleasure.

- If we talk about the positive effects of the curative thermo-mineral water located below Međimurje, we quickly come to the conclusion that it, according to the legend of Parsifal, provides the energy needed for balanced immortal life. The thermal mineral bath is designed according to philosophy Dr. Steiner, who, according to legend, chose to be born in Međimurje. Namely, his father came to Donji Kraljevec where he worked at the railway station, just at the time of his son's birth. Furthermore, if we study more closely the legend of Parsifal Wolfram von Eschenbach, we can see that in the context of mentioning the Holy Grail it does not speak of the generally accepted perception of the Grail - a vessel, but of the power and energy that The Holy Grail gives - immortality. It is believed that the curative thermo-mineral water of the Pannonian basin is a deeply hidden Holy Grail that infuses a new, immortal energy into the body and mind of man. they state in Toplice Sveti Martin explaining the concept of these healing spas.

The famous Italian architect Maurizio Favetta is responsible for the appearance of the thermo-mineral pools of Terme Sveti Martin, who in cooperation with the Međimurje architects Reno and Vesna Vrbanec put this idea and interesting concept into practice.


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