Srijem and Slavonia are a paradise for gourmets

Advent in Croatia

In the east of Croatia, dishes are cooked long and slowly, with a lot of love and red peppers. You will enjoy spicy flavors, boneless fish, fine cakes and top wines from the Srijem vineyards.

sanja mijac ajnprem soup
Photo: Sanja Mijac / Archive of the Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

Srijem and Slavonians are natural talents in the kitchen. And that is one of the basic prerequisites to be a good host. From fresh ingredients, they selflessly and without much philosophy create the finest dishes, whether in the old-fashioned or modern way, but always with deep respect for tradition and customs.

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It's easy for them, you might think, when they have top-quality black pig meat, bream, carp and catfish freshly caught in the rivers, a golden plain full of fruits, so just walk from the "garden" to the kitchen, and home and naturally grown is always felt in a pot, on a pan or in a smokehouse.

dots dream of mijac, srejm Slavonian food
Photo by Sanja Mijac / Archives of the Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

Well-known chefs will confirm this for you, that's why they order products from local family farms in Srijem and Slavonia, but you still need to have a little sense for combining different flavors, a sure hand when it comes to spices and an artistic soul to make all those colors look beautiful. looked like on the plate and on the table. Because in Srijem and Slavonia it is served abundantly and diversely like nowhere else, so it should all be arranged in order and with meaning. A true paradise for gourmets, an irresistible destination for those who watch their calories, but who else counts them on such a vacation?!

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For an appetizer, they will offer you greaves, kulen, kulen ham, švargl, ham, bacon, sausage, drizzled cheese, ajvar…, followed by a hearty soup or a spicy dish from a cauldron - shepherd's pie and fish, which you can get without bones, after that perfectly baking or carp in forks, then delicious cookies of all colors and sizes, from small "wedding" to original saltines… Could it be better?

fish, Wednesday Slavonian food
Photo: Goran Rihelj

You will toast to a good one fragrant brandy, and every dish is accompanied by top-quality wine from the famous Srijem vineyard, which was enjoyed by kings... And that's what an ordinary day in Srijem and Slavonia looks like. What is everyday life for some is a gourmet feast for others. Stop by, you'll enjoy it. And not only in food and wines.

Cover photo: Sanja Mijac / Archive of the Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board


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