Suggestions for the weekend: Kvarner, Istria or Slavonia?

Advent in Croatia

The weekend ahead, as well as most of the next week, is full of interesting events. From the east of Croatia, where a time machine will take you to the good old days, to the south, where you can expect a variety of entertainment on the mainland and on the islands.

Bašća summer

There's another one at the door Bašća summer lots of fun, culture and music which, in the warm summer months and under the starry sky, will provide great entertainment for visitors and locals. We find out what is on the schedule for the weekend ahead.

An attractive exhibition of the Friends of the Sea project, this year under the name "The island of Krk - a heritage experience", is visiting Baška from June 30 to July 14. Krk is an island with an extremely rich cultural and historical heritage that should be experienced, with cultural monuments dating from prehistoric times to the present day. Thirty outdoor exhibition panels, located on an attractive promenade by the sea, will take us on a unique visual journey, showing us shots that are definitely worth seeing live.

Tonight, June 30, at 21 p.m., Musical Nights under the Stars will take place, and the Zoran Majstorović Trio will perform. This trio bases its repertoire on original compositions by band leader Zoran Majstorović and on compositions by well-known authors jazz music such as M. Davis, T. Monk, J. Coltrane, H. Hancock and others. The best of the jazz trio's sound can always be heard in their inspired performances.

The Tourist Board of Baška Municipality and Baška Beach Camping Resort by Valamar traditionally invite fans of small scenes to the new season of theater performances. "Famous actors in Baška". First up is "Nostalgia", a romantic comedy about love, memory and delusion in three acts. Due to unstable weather, the announced performance is moved from Saturday to Sunday. The show will take place July 2, 2023 at 21 p.m, in the Baška Beach Camping Resort, and the entrance is free.

For those who prefer a good clap song, on Sunday, starting at 20:30 p.m., the Zvonimir klapa will perform. The repertoire of this klapa includes songs of coastal and Dalmatian melos sung a cappella, as well as songs of fun content accompanied by guitar and mandolin. An indispensable part of Baška's tourist offer are the promenade performances of klapa, which will brighten up the Sunday evenings of klapa songs in the smaller streets and squares in the old part of Baška this summer.

See the entire Bašća summer program HERE.

Poreč summer

Manifestation Poreč summer offers citizens and visitors a handful of programs for all ages and tastes. It will be held in Poreč during the summer season about a hundred concerts, plays and exhibitions in various locations of the city.

As part of the Poreč summer, on Monday, July 3, 2023. a program will be held in Paro Olga Ban starting at 21 p.m "Magic is in the Air" in which the dancers of the Youth Association Urban Subcultural Base - USB Poreč will perform a dance on silk. The attractive program emphasizes the flexibility of the dancer's body and impressive gymnastic-acrobatic skills in the air with numerous additional stage lighting effects, magical music and attractive costumes.

Tuesday, 4. July 2023. starting at 21 p.m., a free concert of our most famous klapa will be held on Trg slobode - Tomislav Bralić and klapa Intrade. Hits such as: "When I leave once", "I stay here", "Zora bila", "Why are you drunk", "Cviće", "Croatio, I love you from my soul", "I only carry the sea in my soul", "I don't know what attracts me to you" and many others will sing the audience. By combining the Dalmatian sound, great atmosphere and the charm of a warm summer evening in Poreč, you got more than a concert, you got a spectacle not to be missed.

Program Poreč summer.

Explore central Istria - Discover central Istria

This summer, the area of ​​the Tourist Board of Central Istria will be full of events as the implementation of numerous project programs begins Discover central Istria - Explore central Istria. Visitors will be able to enjoy in small towns in central Istria, open-air cinema, numerous concerts and other events.

With a slightly different look through interpretive walks along the Taste Routes of central Istria you will enjoy the stories that take you through time under the leadership of Istra Inspirit. The first walk is on the schedule July 5 in Sveti Lovreč. There is also a new program - night walks under the full moon and clear sky, which give a special charm to the exploration of central Istria through the Fool moon walk experience, thanks to which, illuminated by the moonlight, you will be able to walk around St. Peter in the Forest on July 3.

It continues with an open-air cinema, i.e. a program Central Istria open air cinema, which, in cooperation with the People's Open University Pazin, will be implemented in the areas of central Istria during July and August. All screenings are free, and the first ones will be held July 5, 6 and 7 in Boljun, Pićan and Pazin.

All other news, detailed information about projects and events in the area of ​​the Tourist Board of Central Istria can be found on the website Tourist boards of central Istria.

Velvet Festival

This week enchanting Punat on the island of Krk for the seventh time it becomes a unique backdrop to one of the best domestic art and music projects - Velvet Festival.

Selected music, great concerts and DJs, swimming, fun at boat parties, diverse gastronomic offer and absolute hedonism with 40 performers, four stages, five boat parties and a karaoke booth will last until July 2.

Velvet attracted a large number of visitors from Croatia, as well as young people from even 22 countries of the world who will enjoy the rhythms of different musical genres such as electronic, indie rock and hip hop music.

Official website Velvet Festival.

Margaret's summer

During the forty days of the most famous copper manifestation Margaret's summer all visitors are expected a row of fun, a row of culture, a row of mystical walks and, ultimately, a mountain of good emotions.

This season, Bakar has made sure that there is no shortage of musical variety on its squares and streets, mostly free of charge. This summer, the fun begins On July 1, with the notes of the Hreljin and Škrljevo klapa.

A number of performances, dance evenings and other cultural events for young and old have been announced. This especially applies to all those who bear the beautiful name Margareta - this year, the guarantor of free access to Theatre plays, and the first one is scheduled "Otočka terca", July 6.

The children's day did not fall into the background this year, either On the 4th of July, all the little ones and their companions a lot of fun and laughter awaits in the center of Bakro.

Find the entire program of the event at links.

Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival

The weekend ahead brings the seventh edition of Vinkovac to all lovers of the good old days Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival. This year too, the festival will, like some kind of time machine, take visitors on a journey to bygone times rockabilly bands, performances by dance groups and an exhibition of oldtimer cars and motorcycles. There is also a mini fair with a retro barber shop and a hairdresser who will skillfully transform you into someone completely different, as well as pin-up clothes and fashion details - among others - from the brands "Kerefeke" and "Baba Seka".

This year's festival story begins on Friday, June 30th warm-up party at the well-known Hang Loose Rockabilly Bar in Vinkovci. The performance of DJ Azimuth at 20 p.m. will be followed by the performance of the Hungarian band Marcello and the Flaming Boppers at 21:30 p.m.

The main event of the festival follows on Saturday, July 1, at the Šokačka apartment in Vinkovac. Everything starts at 15 p.m. with an exhibition of vintage vehicles, the opening of the handicrafts fair and flea market, as well as make-up and hairstyles for the ladies, and styling and shaving for the gentlemen. Children's dance workshops also begin at the same time, and the fun for the youngest continues with Tinker Labs workshops and various workshops and fun activities organized by the Society our children from 17 p.m. The start of the already traditional Pin Up Photosession is scheduled for 18:00, and interested photographers can register by email or at the Info desk on the day of the festival.

An hour later, Freestyle dance workshops begin, where everyone interested will receive a handful of tips and discover a few tricks to improve their rockabilly dancing skills. At the same time, the warm-up for the dance floor begins with DJ Azimuth. The musical part of the program starts at 21 pm with the performance of the Hungarian band Ati Edge and the Shadowbirds. After them, their compatriots Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol perform, and as the highlight of the evening, the Lonesome Carroll Rockabilly Show.

The novelty of this year's Hang Loose rockabilly festival is picnic scheduled for Sunday morning at Šokački apartment. The organizers invite everyone to join them for socializing, coffee and breakfast at 11:00 a.m., with free admission.

Tickets for both festival days will be available only on the day of the event, at the entrance. You can find out all the additional information about the festival on the official page of the event.

Our daily bread

We are staying in the Vukovar-Srijem County, but we are moving to the nearby Županja County. Namely, the first Saturday in July County is in the sign of harvest. If you visit this city on the banks of the Sava at that time, you will feel it the wealth of Slavonic tradition and the deep respect of the local inhabitants for the fertile plain that nourished them.

Our daily bread - harvesting and threshing in the past is a traditional manifestation that protects the old harvest from being forgotten customs of the Slavonic region. This year's event was announced for Saturday, July 1, 2023, at "Papushka's apartment" in Županja in the afternoon.

Visitors will be able to experience a faithful representation of harvest customs from the beginning of the 20th century, when mowing by hand. Also, they will be able to roll up their sleeves themselves and try your hand at harvesting, ride in a horse-drawn cart, sing to the sound of a tambourine or dance in a harvest wheel, look at antique machines, taste the rich Slavonian gastronomic offer and unforgettable šljivovica, participate in games such as shooting gourds and throwing horseshoes, visit the fair with many exhibitors Slavonian souvenirs, handicrafts, and enjoy the display of old crafts...

Cover photo: Velvet Festival, TZ Punat


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