Weekend Suggestions: Indulge in new adventures and pure hedonism

Make this weekend just for you - get inspired and sail into a flower fairy tale, step in for a moment scenarios of the famous series or try u "Water adventure". Whatever your choice, we bring you suggestions for an unforgettable weekend full of hedonism, explore them and choose the one that suits you.

This weekend Učka Nature Park celebrates its birthday!

Saturday, May 21st is marked 23th birthday Učka Nature Park i first birthday Gift Center Visitors. Tickets for the interpretive exhibition of the Gift Visitor Center will be reduced by 50%, and three expert guided tours will be organized during the day.

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The Gift Center for Visitors is open for individual visits from 9 am to 12 noon, from 13 pm to 14 pm, from 15 pm to 16 pm and from 17 pm to 19 pm. Reduced ticket prices also apply to individual visitors.

They found their place on about 1.200 square meters interpretive, educational and tourist contents. There is also a large classroom divided into four units that simbolfour seasons, which is intended to conduct educational programs with the youngest visitors.

The museum content is currently a unique exhibition Mountain, kinetic table of the Učka model consisting of about 30.000 pins that simultaneously make projections of different views, spatial and temporal changes on Učka. Visitors can fly with bats, get acquainted with the plant and animal species that inhabit the Park area or simply enjoy 360 views from the top of Soldier.

Indulge in a completely new experience and spend a weekend in the Učka Nature Park, and read the details of the program at LINK.

A real adventure awaits you on Papuk

Papuk is a favorite destination of all nature lovers and hikers. Also Jankovac Forest Park is a favorite picnic spot for families, so this weekend take your loved ones on a trip and allow yourself the respite you deserve surrounded by the charms of pristine nature.

Education and good fun in the Geo-info center on Papuk

Interactive multimedia center, 3D halls, projections and presentations on screens, are just a part of what the new Geo-info center in Voćin on Papuk. There you can travel far into the past and discover how our planet came to be, but also learn all about the historical and geological development of the most famous Slavonian mountains.

Models, sculptures and photographs of interesting living beings and stories about seven historical periods in the settings of biology and archeology will introduce you to life on Papuk, which is mostly a nature park, and due to its exceptional geological importance and UNESCO Geopark.

Take advantage of free entrance to Shhhuma Aquapark!

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The high temperatures of the last few days tempt us to cool off, and you will find it in the Shhhuma Aquapark, which offers fun and adventure for all ages. This is the first water park in Slavonia open to swimmers from May 1st, and all this month the entrance is free!

For all those who were immediately delighted by this, we add that this is not the only convenience. Namely, he expects all visitors this season rich gastronomic offer, significantly expanded compared to last season. There is also a new sun deck and a rest area as well numerous entertainment activities and entertainment programs throughout the season.

At 17 thousand square meters there are six pools including the Olympic, a mushroom pool as well as the one with slides, a slow river with a water bar, a children's water tower, a sprinkler… And all this in the heart of the Papuk Nature Park. Great choice for a trip. Read more about this adventurous destination at LINK.

Hedonism is in Slavonia - find a weekend break in "Lega City"  

Slavonia is always a good idea, which will be confirmed by the new campaign “Via Slavonia and Baranja” which invites domestic guests to discover the experience offered by the east of Croatia. With the motto Hedonism is in the East, a witty campaign and visual that shows the richness of Slavonia and Baranja, we want to draw attention to the interesting offer of the destination.

If relaxation with good food and wine is all you want this weekend - a rich gastronomic offer that you will find only in the east will fulfill the wishes of even the most demanding gourmets.

Take a walk through Osijek

“Custom city” - as many would call Osijek, emphasizing the fact that it is neither too small nor too big, and rich enough in social and cultural content, as well as the natural beauties and parks that surround it. Investigate it too!

If you go for a walk, you will definitely stop at Ante Starčević Square where you will see concathedral of st. Peter and Paul. Although somewhat younger than the cathedral in Đakovo, the traditional center of the Đakovo-Osijek Archdiocese, the Osijek Cathedral is actually the most luxurious and tallest (94 m) parish church in Croatia, and certainly beyond.

After a walk through the Square you will notice parks and gardens in the center of the city which are most special at this time of year when nature is in full bloom. From the parks and gardens head towards Drava promenade, and we recommend a walk at dusk for a special experience because the sunsets there along the Drava are really special.

Come and see for yourself that not everything is flat in Slavonia and Baranja and how it is bolji kulen on wood than oil on canvas as early as this spring. 

You can also explore Osijek by tram, if you get tired of walking. He has been driving the streets of Osijek since 1884, which makes him the first in Croatia.  

However, if you are more attracted to nature walks, do not miss the opportunity while you are nearby and visit the newly opened tourist attraction located in the Kopački rit Nature Park -Tikvesh Interpretation Center or from Osijek continue to Baranja and see why mostbolher fish in the east.

Until the crowds started - the direction of Dubrovnik

We don't have to emphasize the fact that Dubrovnik is full of tourists during the season, which is confirmed by a recent report by the British The Times, which highlights the peculiarities. Dubrovnik and mostbolsouth Dubrovnik hotels. Multiple award-winning journalist and specialized expert on Croatia Mary Novakovich points out that Dubrovnik is a unique combination city ​​break i beach holiday destinations enriched with cultural and historical content.

Visit the filming locations of the Game of Thrones series

During the filming of the series, the Old Town turned into the King's Grudobran and for a full seven seasons for the Oscars he played the role of intrigue and desire for rule and power. Visit the staircase of the Great Brotherhood of Baelor by which Cersei Lannister set out on a "walk of shame" through the streets of King's Grudobran. There is also Red fort, the seat of the King of the Andals and the First People. How about the legendary the battle for Crnovod where was Stannis Baratheon's powerful fleet overrun, which was filmed on Šulić beach at the foot of the Old Town walls?

Did you know that you can walk at Fort Minceta like Daenerys Targaryen when she searched for her lost dragons in the House of the Immortals? 

A small mystical island near Dubrovnik, which, according to legend, saved the English King Richard I, better known as Richard the Lionheart, will seduce you at first sight with lush vegetation, intoxicating scents and the song of crickets. In these gardens in the Game of Thrones, "those of pure blood" ruled. Take a walk along the paths where the Khalees and her powerful host Xaro Xhoan Daxos walked. And while you’re on the island, you can also sit on The Iron Throne, which is located in a Benedictine monastery

Also, if you want to return home with stunning photos that will remain as an eternal memory, a photogenic location awaits you in an interesting bay on Lokrum, and read more HERE.

It's not early for the beaches!

Beach Banje is the most famous and most popular beach in Dubrovnik. It is the main city beach and is located on Slabs, on the east side of the city walls, just a few minutes walk from the historic city center. As the beach is very close Old town, between the Dubrovnik hotel Excelsior i Lazareta, from it you have a beautiful view in every direction. Directly from the beach you can watch the old city walls or relax with a view of the open sea.

Beach Copacabana is one of the most popular beaches in Dubrovnik. It is located only some 5 kilometers from the Old Town, at the foot of the car camp Solitude in the area Grandma's hip. Copacabana is the first Croatian beach with artistic sculptures and installations in a horticultural environment, and the beach offers a beautiful view of the island of Daksa and Elafiti, while on the other hand you will be enchanted by the view of the Dubrovnik bridge, which is unique in the world. Read the full list of enchanting beaches in Dubrovnik ON THE LINK.

A metropolis full of art

Zagreb will always surprise you with the content it provides, regardless of whether you are there for the first time or you come back to it again and again. Indulge in the hustle and bustle of the city and the adrenaline it provides, the music that is always heard from the Square and enjoy the morning coffee at the "peak". Later, if the crowds and hectic pace make you tired - don't worry. In Zagreb you will very easily find a peaceful oasis in nature, it is enough to turn from the busy Ilica into Dežmanov prolaz, then behind the Saloon uphill to the left and suddenly you are in the realm of forest shade - on the magnificent Tuškanac.

In addition, it is located in the city of Zagreb as many as 17 park-forests thanks to which the metropolis provides the experience of the capital with all its contents, and yet in contact with Mother Nature.

Speaking of the beauties of nature, take the opportunity this weekend and sail in a fragrant floral oasis waiting for you on Bundek.

International garden exhibition FloraArt - the largest international flower fair in this part of Europe, with 180 domestic, brings together a dozen foreign exhibitors on more than 300 thousand square meters of open space.

On the outer part of the Bundek they present themselves plant exhibitors with a range of their own products and various floral installations and displays of conceptual solutions in the design of smaller green areas. It is organized in the western and eastern open part of Lake Bundek rich sales of cacti, perennials and flowers at affordable prices.

She is a special guest of the 56th Floraart Kang Yong-Soon, a master of Korean traditional flower arranging, who will present Wagong - the Korean art of flower arranging through several workshops.

The exhibition is open of 19. to 22. May, and admission is free! Read more about the FloraArt exhibition HERE.

… And while walking through Zagreb, stop and look down!

Little Zagreb is a series of miniature installations which are set up at fourteen locations in the center of Zagreb. This year's series of works is inspired by crafts and their activities that have developed and changed along with the city throughout history. 

As last year, the installations are placed somewhere under our feet, so carefully looking at the map, go in search of Little Zagreb. Intended for all residents of Zagreb as well as its visitors, miniature works on the streets of Zagreb will be set up from May 7 to September 30, 2022.

Cover photo: Ivan Vukovic

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