Tea Exploration Academy as a novelty of the third edition of the Valpovo Cheese & Wine Festival

After a long, three-year crown break on Saturday, May 14th in the Valpovo castle Normann - Prandau the Cheese & Wine Festival is being held again for the third time. The courtyard of the Valpovo castle overlooking the medieval tower is an ideal backdrop for all kinds of events, and this old-fashioned flair is especially suited to the wine story.

He confirmed his participation eleven wineries from the Danube wine subregion (five from Baranja, five from Erdut, and one from Srijem vineyards) and Podolski winery from Križevci. Since the Danube is defined as an area up to fifty kilometers from the Danube, and from Valpovo to the Danube is less than fifty kilometers as the crow flies, and the famous Drava Valpovo beach itself is located fifty kilometers from the confluence of the Drava and Danube, it can be said a festival that brings together the mostbolis a local winemaker.

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From the vineyards of Baranja the wineries Gerštmajer, Horvat, Kalazić, Kusić and Zajec are coming to us, from the Erdut vineyards wineries Brzica, Iuris, Magistra, Royal hill and Süber, a from the Srijem vineyards, ie from Ilok winery Lončar.

Renowned chef Tomica Đukić will have his own live cooking show, and of course, as the name of the event suggests many small cheesemakers will also take part such as Mala mljekara from Valpovo, OPG Đurković from Valpovo suburb Marjančaci, OPG Lehki from nearby Gata, OPG Gašić from Beketinci, family cheese factory Pranjić from Drenovac, and as when it comes to wine, one winery comes from outside the domicile area, so One cheese producer from Bosnia and Herzegovina - Kupres milch will also perform at the festival, which will give this festival an international dimension.

A special feature of this edition of the cheese and wine festival will be the detox zone TEA - Tea Exploration Academy with teas for children and cocktails based on tea and wine, and tea and cheese - tea infused wine & cheese tea concept.

Since this is an extremely well-attended event, the need for a part of the offer that will be focused on children and persons who, for reasons known to them, do not consume alcohol, and will visit the festival for socializing or music. Therefore, the detox corner, which will be led by cocktail master Petar Alošinac, will include cold and hot teas, and since this is a cheese and wine festival, visitors will have the opportunity to taste blends of tea and wine, or tea and cheese. this edition of the festival will be a unique event in Croatia.

In order to leave nothing to chance, the 4-TEA project was held tasting and grading tea & wine blends in order to present those who are most comfortable with their sense of smell and palate at the festival. Beljska Graševina, Ilok Traminer, Krauthaker rosé and Mons Aureus cabernet sauvignon are paired with four different types of tea, the mostbolThe evaluated samples will be presented for the first time to the public at the Cheese & Wine Festival.

They will take care of the musical backdrop of the event Electric corn from Požega and (still) mysterious Nipplepeople whose performance was enhanced by the last edition of the Osijek HeadOnEast festival, which also featured a handful of great winemakers, proving that wine is not only good with tambourine and jazz, but also with full-bodied electro pop. The festival starts at 18 pm, and visitors will be able to rent a festival glass and buy vouchers for tasting at a price of 7 kuna, as they did three years ago, so at least when the Valpovo Cheese and Wine Festival is concerned, there is no inflation. ; only positive energy, good wines, cheeses, music and innovative hedonistic combinations. After two lost years, everything will be as it used to be.

Photo source: Mario Jukić

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