Come to Čaj with the Countess in Dvor Trakošćan

One of the most beautiful, but also the oldest castles in Croatia, Trakošćan castle by the end of October it will host young history buffs and those who want to become one. If you do not know how to spend Sunday afternoon with your children, we give you a suggestion… take them to Trakošćan, where all together, as a family, with Tea with the Countess, you can find out more about the interesting historical period of this area.

At a time when gentlemen got up when ladies entered the room, when bright colors and floral patterns were not worn in winter, and every movement of hands or fans had its meaning, Trakošćan was ruled by crinolines, lace, salon shoes, three-quarter time and Illyrian vigils.

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And it is precisely this period of our history that is the theme of the program that took place for the first time yesterday in courtyard gallery of the Trakošćan Palace. It was the first in a series free workshops for children "Tea with the Countess", which will be held every Sunday as of October 31st.

The culture of living through a costume-educational program that starts at 15pm and lasts up to 60 minutes children are introduced to the etiquette, dance and customs of the mid-19th century. The program is customized preschool and elementary school age, accompanied by one parent and is free for all participants.

But in addition to tea, visitors will have the opportunity to socialize and take photos with the Countess, take individual photos in a retro photo corner, and there is a costumed exhibition "The Story of the Countess's Wardrobe".

Princesses, ladies, countesses and counts, gentlemen and cavaliers, welcome to Tea with the Countess in Dvor Trakošćan.

The organizers of the event are the Respect Art Studio, the Noble Youth Association and the Cro-Eco Center, and the sponsors Varaždin County Tourist Board and Dvor Trakošćan.

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