Tell me a story: The Vitasović family found their way to top quality wine and olive oil

As the editor of the Tourist Stories portal, I am constantly looking for stories. On my travels, at conferences and lectures, I always ask people what their story is. Good stories are worth sharing, and one of them was told to me last weekend in the interior of Istria. When a story is told with love and when the result is behind it then the story speaks for itself. This is one of those.

Family farm Dario Vitasović - Teraboto has been operating since 1995, and the owners have revealed to us what their journey looked like by proudly pointing out that Teraboto is not just wine, Teraboto is a journey. The path of their ancestors. The development of their relationship. A journey that continues and complements from year to year. Some knowledge, a lot of effort, even more doubts, so that we can continue where we left off the previous year during the next fermentation.

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And it doesn’t have to be more aromatic, more intense, fresher, more floral. It is important to be different. To be different. That he has something to say. To be special, so in the sea of ​​producers and consumers will find their way.

- Teraboto is the path from the traditional Istrian drop to the best elixir that this red earth can give. The love we nurture for the vine turns from year to year into streams of shed sweat, into a sea of ​​emotions.
Vodnjan is a traditional agricultural area in which viticulture and olive growing are most represented. 26 years ago, wanting to continue the tradition of our ancestors in a more modern, more modern way, we decided to start investing in the modernization of the then traditional wine production for their needs. We first switched from wooden wine barrels to stainless steel, then invested in a cooling system, from 2003 we started to expand the vineyards, and from a few hundred vines to about 10 thousand vines in 3,5 hours
ektara, he tells us with passion Izabela Vitasović.

Teraboto vineyard is located in the north of Vodnjan, away from the village by air some two kilometers, at an altitude of about 130 meters. This vineyard is located on a slope towards the sea with a view of Vodnjan and the Brijuni archipelago. This family also has olive groves in the ring around Vodnjan, in as many as five different locations. Olive groves Corona Vespa and San Giacomo are located in the East of Vodnjan, towards Galižana. Both are overlooking the Pula waters, the Brijuni archipelago and Vodnjan. The San Antonio Olive Grove is located on a slightly sloping southern slope that also overlooks the Pula waters and the Brijuni archipelago. Olive grove Munida is located in the south of Vodnjan, near the road to Fažana and Peroj. The Bus de Piso olive groves are located in the north-west of Vodnjan, near the Kažun Park, also overlooking the sea and the Brijuni archipelago.

All the olive groves are on sites where olive trees have been planted since time immemorial, and the harvest is ahead of them these days and will last for ten days. Olives are grown in the traditional way, picked by hand, and processed by cold process the same evening in Vodnjan oil mills. The beginning of the harvest depends on the weather and the ripening of the olives. - We usually start the harvest on October 8, he tells us Jezebel.

It's Sunday, April 25.04.2021, 13. 26:18, we just had lunch and leaned back on our comfortable sofas. "Tlink" - my cell phone rang and again, as every time, I was surprised by a message received via Google. My daughter Valentina (XNUMX years old) and I look at each other, pick up my cell phone and read:

Gilad: “Hi, are you open now? “

I immediately answer: “Yes. We are open. 

They ask me about the tours, I present our four tours, I type everything in detail, "I'm waiting". Valentina went to open the door, when there Gilad and his girlfriend greeted and said they had chosen the most expensive option. Valentina offers herself: "Mom, I will", and I am overjoyed, proud, my heart is as big as a house.

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I quickly get up from the couch, prepare her glasses, cheese, prosciutto, call my mom.

Me: “Mom, save me! Do you have that homemade bread of yours and what kind of cake? Our guests came for a guided wine tour! ”

My mom: "I have some more homemade bread from torment from neighbor Bobisa and that strudel with our nuts."

Me: "Mom, I love you, you're beautiful!"

In the meantime, Valentina Gilada placed the girl in the yard in front of the cellar on the cistern and explained to them all about our wines and oils and Vesna cheeses from nearby Loborika, of which they especially liked "Karig" cheese. They like all the wines, they find it hard to single out which is the best, in the end they agree that the best is Teraboto Merlot, vintage 2019. They especially like its scent of forest fruits, blackberries, raspberries, they agree that they feel in the scent and the note of chocolate. I believe our neighbor, sommelier Emil Perdec, would be pleased.

Valentina comes to the house and asks: “Please, mom, while I am getting ready to ride them in the vines, will you pick them up and do a presentation of the wine production process and bottling of wine with them? You know, it's a young couple from Israel. They are on annual leave in Istria. Imagine, they don't know yet where they will spend the night, and they are so happy, satisfied and positive, they like everything. They say they were vaccinated. ”

I put on the mask and am already in a hurry to our young guests. And really everything with them is so relaxed, they love each other, they enjoy our presentation, grateful they found us!

I really "enjoy" everything I do and such an approach feeds me, gives me energy instead of taking it away, such work rests. But the most beautiful thing in this experience was seeing our daughter "enjoying" a family hobby, better to say passion.

Our young guests left satisfied and left a wonderful 5 star review on Google and a few photos. I have realized over and over again that I am happier and happier when I do what I love and love what I do.

Our philosophy of life is permeated through wine. After years of experience I can only say that people notice when we do something with the heart and know how to appreciate it

With this description, she best answered the question of whether guests recognize when you love what you do.

Her story is somehow a prime example of what life is like on small family farms. Lots of effort with immense passion and love for what you do. It is the only recipe that is certainly felt in the product at that time. Bravo Vitasović, I believe in your story and thank you for sharing it with us.

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