Ten free experiences in the vicinity of Zagreb

The soothing nature combined with the unique heritage is the greatest wealth Zagreb County. Fortunately, that wealth is available to everyone, completely safe and easy. Conveniently close, but unimaginably far from the daily routine, special open-air places await you, each with its own story.

Get on the air, indulge in adventure, have a new experience and let yourself be amazed by the fairytale beauty of Zagreb's green ring. Sounds too good?

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Not only is it possible but you can also choose, and there are all of these experiences free.

Slapnica Canyon

The ten-kilometer-long valley is a real gem in the middle of Žumberak. A walk through a peaceful landscape where greenery, the murmur of streams and attractive waterfalls alternate is both an adventure and a free anti-stress therapy.

Turopolje pigs

The Association of the Noble Municipality of Turopolje nurtures the tradition by working to preserve the indigenous pig breed. On their farm you can see these intelligent and friendly animals, the ancient inhabitants of the Turopolje forests on their way to regaining their old glory.

The path of the Budinjak princes

An easy circular path through the picturesque hills of the Žumberak mountains turns the trip into an archaeological adventure. In a pleasant walk, you go through thousands of years of history, while sites that date back to the Iron Age and antiquity alternate near you.

Žutica forest

An ideal place for lovers of photo safaris, Žutica is a combination of dense forest and floodplain on the edge of Lonjsko polje. After wandering the expanses of this preserved wilderness, you will be on you again with Mother Nature.

Wooden Turopolje beauties

Those who do not expect magnificent architecture in the middle of a quiet rural area should visit a dozen original wooden churches and chapels around Velika Gorica. Modest and charming, perfectly integrated into the environment, they are the best example of a long tradition and ingenuity of folk architecture.

Uskok linden

If she spoke, the imposing Uskok linden tree in the heart of picturesque Žumberak, about four centuries old, could tell a lot, starting from the time of the defense against the Ottoman invaders. As this is not possible, even the photo itself with it will be worth a thousand words.

Pyramid on Japetić

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Japetić, the highest peak Samobor mountains, also has one special attraction. The iron lookout pyramid dates back to 1889, when it was placed on Sljeme, and since 1960, the current location offers an unforgettable view to all who climb its 12 meters in height.

Okic and Dragojla's path

Romantic remains of an ancient fortress Okic and the eponymous cliff and trails around it are a popular mountaineering destination. Ascending from the more demanding, southern side, you will repeat the first recorded alpine venture in Croatia - and if the writer Dragojla Jarnević succeeded in 1843, barefoot, you can try it.

Cret Dubravica

Cret is a special type of plant habitat, and the one in Dubravica is a protected botanical reserve. If watching the flora from the wooden plateaus doesn’t sound particularly exciting, know that round-leaved sundew, a rare carnivorous plant, lives here, and there’s more action in the lush flora here than we can even imagine.

New court in Zaprešić

If you want to imagine what it is like to be a nobleman with your own property, take a walk through the valuable complex consisting of a manor, outbuildings, a chapel and a park-forest, but also the family tomb of the Jelačić family. The former home of the famous ban is today a place that will excite the imagination of every history lover.

Cover photo: Josip Škof

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