Bašća summer program - another week of culture and entertainment follows

300 years of the parish church of St. Three: Amorosa

August 15 (Tuesday), Vela Gospa / 21 p.m. / Parish Church of St. Three

Throughout the summer, the commemoration of the great 300th anniversary of the parish church of St. Three. The popularity of contemporary spiritual music is continuously growing, and an increasing number of young singers are building their musical path precisely on that scene. With their song, they bring people together in unity and joy, and the band Amorosa is one of them.

This vocal-instrumental group of academically educated musicians, Iva Smojver, Mateja Bunčić and Martina Pustički, performs Christian spiritual music and in this way they want to convey the Good News to others. Amorose has numerous performances on different stages in Croatia and abroad, as a solo performer, member of an orchestra and backing vocals.

300 years of the Parish Church of the Holy Trinity, Bašća Summer Program

Listen to what the contemporary sound of spiritual music sounds like, performed by the band Amorosa, on Tuesday at their first concert in Baška!

Traditional festival: Rokova

August 16, 2023 (Wednesday) / Draga Bašćanska

In Draga Bašćanska, this Wednesday, August 16, the traditional Rokova festival will be held, an event that gathers a large number of visitors every year! On the occasion of St. Roch's Day, the hosts and organizers Draga Bašćanska Local Committee and Jabuka Boćarski Club are organizing several entertainment events this year.

Rokova festival

At 9 o'clock, in the chapel of St. Rok, a holy mass will be celebrated. At 10 a.m., the "Golden Tomato" begins, the 1st championship in judging the best tomato, for which Baška was once widely known! In the afternoon, starting at 20 p.m., we can expect a performance by the Cultural Society "Šoto", after which a party for all generations will begin, and the Fortunal band and the guest of the evening, Džo Maračić Maki, will take care of the good mood of the visitors. A rich gastronomic offer awaits you, and during the evening free transportation is provided for all visitors on the route Baška - Jurandvor - Draga Bašćanska - Baška (near Caffe bar Ulika).

Baška International Guitar Festival

August 17-19, 2023 / complex of St. Lucie, Jurandvor and Stara Riva, Baška

Baška guitar festival

And this year on the island of Krk we will enjoy a real musical treat, with exceptional artists in a unique environment! The jubilee, tenth edition of the Baška International Guitar Festival will be one of the most attractive editions of this event in terms of programming and organization, which, in addition to enchanting performances, also offers educational workshops, exhibitions and film screenings! With the stunning backdrop of Jurandvor and Baška, this famous festival from August 17 to 19 is ready to enchant music enthusiasts, guitar fans, and casual visitors, and as always, entry is free for everyone!

Baška guitar festival 2023, Baška summer program

A detailed program and information is available at festival website!

A summer night on the square: Vejanke women's klapa

20.8.2023. (Sunday) / 20 p.m. / Placa, Batomalj

Spend a wonderful musical evening in Batomlje with klapa songs and the magical atmosphere of the small town!

This year, the Vejanke women's klapa, the only women's klapa that has been operating on the island since 2017, will perform on the Batomalja placa. Their love for klapa songs and socializing brings them together regularly at rehearsals where they practice arrangements with a native sound as well as covers of modern pop songs. Its 8 members proudly convey the colors of their city and island through the klapa song of their hometown and beyond.

Women's klapa Vejanka

Don't miss to join this special evening. As every year, the local committee and the residents of Batomj will take care of a unique, romantic atmosphere complete with delicious surprises!

Photo source: Baška Municipality Tourist Board


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