The most beautiful beaches on the island of Murter: Explore the "Croatian Caribbean"

Murter is the largest island in the Šibenik region, recognizable for its rich tradition and culture, indented coastline and a large archipelago that hides some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Croatia. The most famous is Slanica, and we also explored other pearls and coves that are worth visiting.

Before we start with beach suggestions, here's an interesting fact: Did you know that the island of Murter has changed its name several times throughout history? Read more about this story IN THE ARTICLE.

Slanica beach

Slanica is the most popular beach on Murter, but also on the entire Šibenik Riviera. It is located in the town of Murter and is almost always full of visitors, even in the off-season prepare for crowds and go early if you want to secure your place in the heart of the beach, but if you prefer to choose the nearby rocks for a more intimate vacation - you will easily find a place.

The first thing you will notice is the turquoise blue sea, the shades of which change into everything the most beautiful blue color - even the greatest artists did not discover the colors offered by the sea at Slanica. The cove is surrounded by thick pine trees that provide shade and comfort while you lie down and rest your eyes in the blue. The beach is pebble with a sandy bottom and it is there the sea is almost always warm - which is ideal for families with children, and numerous facilities for the youngest are an additional plus.

In the vicinity of the beach, there are numerous catering facilities where you can refresh yourself after playing beach volleyball, for which courts have been set up on the beach. The beach also has showers and toilets, and you can reach it by car - there is a large parking lot.

Sub-parts - "Croatian Caribbean"

You must have come across a photo of this beautiful sandy cove sometimes called... "Croatian Caribbean" - it is completely clear to us why. Podvrške beach is approximately two kilometers from the town of Murter and you can reach it on foot, by car or by bicycle. 

It is decorated with white sand and rocks, a pine forest provides shade, and there is a diving board nearby - if you want to spice up your stay with a dose of adrenaline and fun. When you get tired, you will find a break in the beach bar with refreshing cocktail and lunch/dinner.

Beaches in Betina on Murter

Zdrače beach - is the central beach in the town of Betina, which you will reach by a winding road towards Murter. The beach is a combination of gravel and sand, and is rich in amenities for all ages, such as a catering facility for refreshments with a cold drink, a children's and soccer field. Showers and parking are provided on the beach.

Bilave Beach – is a pebble and rocky beach located in the center with a view of Betina. It is spacious and you will easily find shade on it, but also a section for all those who enjoy sunbathing with the goal of getting a tanned complexion. There is a restaurant and a children's playground nearby.

Beach Kosirina - a bay that delights with all shades of blue. The beach is sandy and pebbly, with slightly rocky parts, suitable for children and families, and there is also a camp in the bay. Suggestion: Sit back in the shade of the pine forest or in one of the two beach bars and enjoy the view of the stunning Kornati.

Lučica Beach in Jezeri

Lučica pebble beach it is located ten minutes from the very center of Jezera. You can get to the beach (at least its vicinity) by car, but you will have to walk a few minutes from the parking lot to the beach itself. Families with children will enjoy it there, and it is also a common choice for young people who like to spend time there in bars and cafes, and for adventurers, renting jet skis is a favorite.

Jazine beach

In the town of Tisno on the island of Murter, Jazine beach stretches near the camp, some two kilometers from the center, in the immediate vicinity of the drawbridge.

Lovers of tanned skin - in the sun: Everyone who likes to "bake" in the sun will enjoy the stone slabs and concrete parts located on the beach. 

The beach is ideal for families with children, but also for those who like to enjoy various outdoor sports activities with the sound of the sea and the mistral. There are playgrounds for beach volleyball, mini-golf, table tennis and more.

Čigrađa Bay

Before the very entrance to Murter, on the south side of the main road, you will see a wonderful view of the bay of Čigrađe, and you will reach the beach via the access road at the end of which parking is available.

The beach is pebble-stone, and on the sides there are rocks and dense pine forests, and it is completed by a small waterfront, which is particularly interesting. the youngest guests. Everyone will like this beach lovers of diving because it can boast of a rich underwater world. Near the beach there are catering facilities that offer refreshments and various delicious food if you get hungry from swimming.

Cover photo: Croatian National Tourist Board


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